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Long overdue car-free zones around schools appear

It may only be a trial and it may only be aimed at a few primary schools, but it’s good to see action being taken against the dreadful behaviour of those who feel the need to wrap their ‘little darlings’ in yet more cotton wool, and carry/collect from the school gates.

While there are plenty of parents who have good reason to drive their offspring to/from school, I strongly suspect they are NOT the problem ones. Those who travel a significant distance, or do this on their way to work are probably not likely to be the ones I always see, and are there half an hour, or more, before the school empties.

I base that, in part at least, from the behaviour I encounter at a nearby primary school, which I now avoid of at all possible if I have to go out around school run times.

Some years ago I made the mistake of not realising the time of day and turned down one of the side streets around the school. Half way down this street I met one moronic parent who dropped their load, and thought they could reverse out of the street, WITHOUT BOTHERING TO LOOK BEHIND!

Why should they?

Their kid was safe in front of them. What would it matter of they mowed down somebody else’s child stupid enough to be on the road behind them?

Instead, they backed into the front of my car, since I had nowhere to go and couldn’t reverse since I had another vehicle behind me.

I won’t even start on the moronic conversation I had with the driver, who tried to blame me since I was the one driving forward, should have seen them, and taken avoiding action. They really couldn’t even understand that I was stationary, and they were the one moving  that hit me. I should add that this was a white van with NO rear windows in the back doors, so they COULDN’T see behind!

Hopefully, this will just be the start of a wider exclusion program, even if the poor little babies maybe have to walk as much as 100 metres, and need to spend most of their day at school sleeping, to recover from the unusual effort.

Glasgow primary schools to trial car-free zones

Funnily enough, I’d just grabbed a pic at the school to show how the inconsiderate parents arrive early to get the ‘Prime Parking Spot’ just opposite the school gate area where they can’t park, but making a narrow road even narrower (blocking it so only one car can pass along at a time) and sit smoking, or playing with mobile phones.

Alternatively, they can park on the fairly narrow pavement, and block that instead – we actually do have a few people in this street who get around using wheelchairs, and the path is not a lot wider than that.

School No Stopping

School No Stopping

Or – sitting with their engines idling!

No Idling

No Idling

I bet they’d all claim to be 100% law-abiding too, while shouting down anyone who dared ask them why they had to be right at the school gates.

School Street

School Street

Sad to say, my interest in car registrations means I know where many of the cars parked here ‘live’, as the numbers stick in my head just from seeing them so often, so I know they have come from places that are only about 10-15 minutes to walk to. (Not saying all, just those I happen to recognise by chance.)

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