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1 DUN forgot this one

Another one that slipped through the net, and a pic so old the car attached to the plate has fallen off and been replaced, currently by a 2018 Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport (sadly, another diesel).

Previously on a Mercedes CLK 270 (but a CDI) when it almost managed to slip past me, traffic lights helped for once.

I know it’s not, because he and his family all have a series of plates which represent their initials, this could have been ideal for my wealthy entrepreneurial neighbour, as the head of the family, he could have claimed the best plate.

Mercedes CLK270 [1 DUN]

Mercedes CLK270 [1 DUN]

Funny thing, I usually spot locations fairly easily when looking at bits of Glasgow caught in pics, but this one has me slightly lost. There is an identifiable feature – but the business it represents has two adjacent locations, and one looks quite different from the other. I thought I’d found the wrong spot – until I looked next door (at the one not given as the address).

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Today is Chocolate Mint Day

19 February is Chocolate Mint Day.



Need more be said?

Well, while there are quite a few variations in what ‘Chocolate Mint’ might be, I’d like to complain about one.

I used to like After Eight mint chocolate thins (still do, just not as much as before).

Then I’m sure something changed, and the mint cream filling seemed (to me at least) to become very sweet, and much runnier than the fondant cream I used to remember.

That was a long time ago, and they never recovered.

Nowadays, I find myself hunting down individual fondant cream mint chocolates, and that’s not good, since they can be expensive!

Chocolate Mint Creams

Chocolate Mint Creams

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