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SatNav (and female) – still good for avoiding DUI charges :)

“The SatNav MADE me do it!”

I’m still amazed to see that careless driving still has a universal ‘Get of Jail Free’ card that appears to work to this day.

I find it both disturbing and intriguing to read stories of careless driving that have no mention of charges being made against the driver (of sometimes serious results and consequences) if they are able to point at their SatNav and say “The SatNav MADE me do it!”

(I’d make a joke about how females get away with motoring offences, but the PC brigade would come down on me, so you’ll just have to use your own imagination for that one now.)

It’s almost as if the authorities give them a pat on the head, a nice warm cup of tea, and some soothing words to help prevent them from suffering trauma as a result of the evil SatNav’s influence over them, and subsequent PTSD.

A car had to be recovered by the coastguard after a driver followed sat-nav instructions on to an Ayrshire beach and got stranded.

The Vauxhall Corsa with two women on board had travelled from Glasgow and was following instructions to get to Irvine Beach Park.

However, the sat-nav directed them down an access road onto the beach.

Both the driver and passenger were safe and the vehicle was pushed off the beach before high tide.

North Ayrshire beach rescue after sat-nav blunder

No mention of charges, not even the cost of calling out the coastguard and lifeboats, or the recovery of their vehicle.

According to the article, MANY were called…

“Both Troon RNLI lifeboats, Ayr and Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Teams were sent.”

When they hear the circumstances, maybe they should all have stayed in, and let Darwin Law take its natural course.

SatNav User Fines


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