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Glasgow’s High Street Area initiative is gathering pace

I’ve mentioned the plans being put in place to try to regenerate the area of Glasgow around and to the east of High Street, which have lagged behind the rest of the city in terms of revival.

I’ve noted how crossing from the west side of the street to the east is like crossing a border where all the goodies are on the west, and there’s little or nothing on the east.

That’s not really a negative criticism, things really do just come to end at that boundary, and it’s a little disconcerting to cross the road, and find little or no activity. It’s always been like that.

Probably what has changed in recent years has been the gradual disappearance of the various shops and businesses on BOTH sides of High Street (and Saltmarket), where they’ve closed and not been replaced by new occupants.

I used to visit quite a few at one time, and there was a decent baker there, selling fruit tarts at a discount if you bought more than one. But it just went away, despite being busy and popular. The rest of the shop fronts are tired, and need sprucing up, as they are not really that old, but look run down and dated.

Handily, this seems to address what I’ve seen…

A fund will provide support to independent shops on the High Street and Saltmarket, one of the oldest and of the most historically significant thoroughfares in Glasgow, as part of a strategy to regenerate the area.

The appearance and shop fronts and the buildings in which they reside has a considerable impact and influence on an area’s character.

This fund – the Independent Retail Fund (IRF) – is a shop front improvement grant available to tenants and owners of occupied shops on Saltmarket and the High Street.

Glasgow City Council will work with City Property Glasgow Investments and other commercial property owners to provide 100 per cent funds to shops – £5,000 for double units and £3,000 for single units – to enable them to undertake necessary external enhancements and redecoration.

Other improvements will also be made such as removing upgrading signage, replacing damaged tiles and feature lighting for signage or window displays.

Glasgow’s High Street to receive funding boost with new support for independent shops

But they’ll have to attract some more useful shops/businesses there if they are to increase the number of people who stop there.

I pass through here a few times every week, but there’s currently simply no reason for me to stop there.

And that’s a problem.




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