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Time to stop and not just pass the Savoy Centre

It’s always a shame when places change (for whatever reason) and you no longer feel the need to drop in for a look.

I can remember when the new Sauchiehall Street Centre was opened, and went through its first revamp some years later.

Both ‘lives’ of this place were interesting place to visit, and had some decent big name shops inside. I think this was the first Argos store I used regularly, and there was the novelty of ordering at one end of the place, and collecting your goodies at the other end.

It’s all gone now, completely remodelled, and has useless shops I wouldn’t give a second look to, in fact I barely notice the place when I pass it as I go along Sauchiehall Street. It’s almost like a derelict now compared to the centre it once was.

I used to be a regular in the Savoy Centre too, until it started to slowly lose its interesting occupants too. After a period when I was in or around Glasgow until a few years ago, when I went back to this old ‘haunt’. I found it had gone downhill, looked pretty cheap and nasty inside, had many empty units, and those that were left weren’t the ones that interested me.

It wasn’t very inviting, and I gave up diverting for a look.

Seems I wasn’t alone, and there’s now a drive to get the place interesting again, smarten it up, attract some new occupants, and get people back in the door – all of which sounds like a good idea.

An institution since the 70s, The Savoy Centre with its neon blue sign was once at the heart of Glasgow’s thriving shopping district.

But like many other businesses, the shopping mall on Sauchiehall Street has fallen on hard times, as high street stores struggle and footfall declines in the area.

However, part of the building has undergone a transformation, with the ground floor welcoming new venture Colab, which aims to support and promote community, culture and cuisine with a host of new businesses.

The curated space features a number of independent stores selling everything from printed clothing to hand-stitched goods, with food stalls offering poke bowls and vegan grilled cheese sandwiches.

Natalia Codona, from Colab, says the project is breathing new life into the space, merging old and new businesses together under one roof.

“We’re bringing in a new demographic which of course all the tenants can benefit from and the new tenants,” she explains.

“It’s been great the response from them. They’re all very excited to be part of an exciting new development.”

How The Savoy is getting a modern twist to bring back shoppers

I hope this is enough to revive it.

It would be a shame if not, and another spot on Sauchiehall Street became as dead as the ‘Centre’.

It really is a long time since I fell through the Savoy’s door.

I took this pc back in 2013 – probably the last time I was in there.

Everything was apparently on its last leg!

Legless Savoy

Legless Savoy


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