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What’s inside a Faraday Exchanger?

I chanced across an article about a device I read about over a year ago, and at that time was irritated to find that those touting the device and its associated technology actually revealed NOTHING about how it worked or what was in the ‘Black Box’ the represented it with.

When I saw the article I thought I was at last going to get a satisfactory answer to that question, since I’d taken a wander through Faraday Grid’s own web site – and come away dissatisfied as it had no answers, just great claims, and a demonstration that was really little more than a video.

This headline and article had me looking forward to February…

Faraday Grid: A Mysterious Startup That Aims to Transform the Transformer

Faraday touts an energy router that can control power with “reliability and speed not previously achievable.” We may not get full details until at least February.

Then I realised it was an old 2017 article referring to February 2018!

To date, I still see nothing.

Just claims of something that cost no more than existing technology, but is SO MUCH BETTER!

This talk, hosted at the National Museum of Scotland, supposedly explained things, and supposedly had a demonstration, but all I see is the same video, and again, just a ‘Black Box’.

When you listen to the words, there is talk of prototypes, and loads of simulation which have proven the device, but no actual device, or video of one in operation.

On the basis of what looks like vapourware, they have a nice new office in Edinburgh.

Lots of deals and talk – no device…

Energy technology company Faraday Grid’s global innovation centre in Edinburgh is set to scale up after being officially opened.

The centre currently supports a global workforce of 100 employees, which will “increase rapidly” throughout 2019. Faraday Grid is said to have attracted “some of the finest engineers and researchers from around the world” and has benefited from access to top academic institutions and a talent pool across Scotland.

The company recently announced a significant investment by Adam Neumann, co-founder of flexible workspace provider WeWork. It marked the second time Neumann has invested in Faraday, in which he now owns a non-controlling, minority stake.

Faraday will also be launching collaborations and partnerships around the world throughout this year, having already announced it will be working with UK Power Networks in London, to demonstrate the role and impact of its technology.

Faraday Grid powers up as ribbon cut at new Edinburgh hub

I wonder if anyone named Andrea Rossi works there?

Mentioning a ‘Black Box’ reminded me of another project web site I once looked at, and which actually provides more information.

Magic Black box – The Source of Energy

Perhaps I’ll click on the Faraday Grid link after another year.

For now, as an engineer, I’m just completely frustrated.

Update – September 2019

Well THAAAAAAAR’s a surprise!

From the Faraday Grid web site, which was still up in full when I copied and pasted this text block from it:


The affairs, business and property of Faraday Grid Limited – In Administration (the Company) are being managed by Helen Dale and Nicholas Wood of Grant Thornton UK LLP, appointed as Joint Administrators on 8 August 2019. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and without incurring personal liability.
Helen Dale and Nicholas Wood are licenced to act as insolvency practitioners by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.


I guess we’ll NEVER get to see inside the ‘Magic Box’ now 😦

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  1. It’s reminiscent of the company promoted at the time of the South Sea Bubble “For carrying-on an undertaking of great advantage but no-one to know what it is”.


    Comment by Allan Knaik | 03/03/2019

  2. You might like to know that Faraday Grid has gone into receivership. I was actually interviewed there – unsuccessfully but came away wondering what was behind the “wonder” technology and was given no insight!


    Comment by Gareth Parry | 04/09/2019

  3. Hmmm…

    Why am I not surprised?

    That they are in receivership AND that you received no insight.


    Comment by Apollo | 04/09/2019

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