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Dippy dinosaur breaks visitor record at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove

Had I known at the time that this pic would have been about Dippy’s record 275,000 visitors to Kelvingrove, I’d have taken a pic showing the star’s head.

As it was, I really took the pic to show how busy the place was during Sunday’s organ recital, and that the usual, stunning, purple illumination had been switched to a peculiar green (seriously, nobody uses GREEN lighting unless they want to show people are ill), but it barely shows in the pic.

I had wait for that gap in the ‘thronging crowd’ to even see the organ. Again, had I known about the visitor record, I’d have taken a different pic. But, the pic you actually have is always the best pic!

Scottish crowds have flocked to see Dippy the dinosaur during his UK tour, attracting more than 257,000 visitors to its current home in Glasgow.

It boasts a record for the three-year tour so far with nine weeks still remaining in the sculpture’s stint at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Glasgow marks the fourth stop in the UK tour and the previous record for the model saw 255,548 visitors between May and September in Birmingham, with the tour starting at Dorset and also visiting Belfast.

Scotland’s largest city is the most northerly stop for the dinosaur skeleton which has been hailed as the “most successful temporary exhibition at Kelvingrove” since 2006.

“Dippy on Tour is the most successful temporary exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum since it reopened after refurbishment 13 years ago.

“We’ve welcomed treble the number of visitors during this six-week period compared to last year, with the opening weekend being our busiest in more than a decade.

Dippy the dinosaur has attracted a record 250k visitors to Glasgow’s Kelvingrove

Kelvingrove Dippy Organ

Kelvingrove Dippy Organ

As I’m usually there two or three times during the week, I can corroborate the numbers, and that I’m not surprised.

As noted in my first post, I actually went on the second Sunday of the exhibition (yes, I really had forgotten about it) to catch the organ recital, and only realised Dippy was there when confronted by the crowds of people (inside and out), the overflowing car park (and traffic queue around the museum), and the biggest surprise that even the bike parking area was blocked, with at least two bikes on every stand!

While it may not be the same as the opening, Kelvingrove is STILL much busier at the weekend (with families and noisy kids – this week, there was one with a stick who banged it on the floor through most of the recital, not a word from the parents). Even weekdays are noticeably busy. During the week there are few families, but usually primary school parties visit.

Dippy’s exhibition is only about halfway done, and remains in Glasgow until May 6, then moves to Newcastle, Cardiff, Rochdale, and Norwich.

Quick close-up of the star, since I missed the head above!

Dippy Head Right

Dippy Head Right

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