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Red mutant replacement – not so good

A few weeks ago I reported on the death of the ‘Red Mutant’, a cute piece of street art spotted on one of the bridge piers in Anderston.

I’d passed it a few times, and fortunately grabbed some pics before a wide campaign of repainting obscured it, and all the other, presumably non-officially ‘blessed’, murals on all the bridge piers around the area.

It was a while before I got back that way. but had seen another blog about that end of the city post a number of identical face murals which had popped up around the area.

When I got back to that particular bridge pier I found it had sprouted one too (with so many, are they just stencilled copies rather than original work?), but to be honest, it’s no match or replacement for the original, friendly, three-eyed monster that used greet you as you came down the bridge over the M8.

Anderston Red Mutant Replacement

Anderston Red Mutant Replacement

Reminder of the original occupant of this pier…

The Red Mutant Of Anderston

The Red Mutant Of Anderston

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  1. Apollo can you please email me.

    I am very intrigued about your interest in this art.



    Comment by Colour ways | 12/08/2019

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