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Resistance to change?

I recently noted the changes which were publicised regarding the Savoy Centre in Sauchiehall Street, and based on that first announcement suggested this had to be a good thing. While it may have been years since I was in the place (for various reasons, both unrelated, and because it was pretty run down last time I wandered in), I thought this was something that was long overdue, and made no inferences as to who was responsible, since the centre obviously has owners who let the space and are responsible for it, and tenants/traders who are similarly responsible for the state of their units and the display of whatever items they have on show.

While I’m not privy to the details, I am disappointed to read that the existing tenants are now at odds with the centre management, and have made a number of adverse claims, and demands in light of the changes.

I can’t say if one side is right, and one is wrong, or if it’s just resistance to change and the same sort of feeling that comes from having a pair of comfy, but worn-out, shoes taken away.

Both sides seem to be making valid points.

But I would be concerned to note that the existing traders claim they are being ‘pushed out’, yet also claim units in the renovated are unoccupied (and rent-free).

I really will have to take a trip in and take a look, to see how the place looks, and make catch a few pics.

I did actually consider going in for a look a few weeks/ months ago, when I was able to get in to Sauchiehall Street and finally get some pics of the Mackintosh Building after the fire, but if you were reading then you may recall I was laid up for some weeks prior to that, so achieving those building pics were all that I was concentrating on being able to do.

I was probably there too late in the day as well, as I’m pretty sure I remember passing the centre door and noting it was secured, and wondering if the Savoy Centre was even still open, as it looked as if the builders were there – probably they were given that we know about the refurb.

This article gives the revised details – I’m not even going to try to give a quite as I’d need to give both sides, and that would be too much to copy.

Savoy Centre business owners blast ‘attempts to push out’ original stores

An open letter signed by 34 businesses has made seven demands of the building’s owners

Still the only pic I ever took in there.

May be appropriate if one side doesn’t have a leg to stand on!

Legless Savoy

Legless Savoy

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The evolution of Dippy the Dinosaur

With the current interest in dinosaurs and exhibition of Dippy the Dinosaur in Kelvingrove, I couldn’t really leave out this cartoon I tripped over – like all the best humour, it’s simple and clever.

How Dippy Evolved


Dippy R to L

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Entrance light at The Lighthouse

This was just a quick pic of the light fitting installed just inside the entrance to The Lighthouse in Mitchell Lane.

It looks better in real life than in a pic.

Ignoring the two dead lamps (it really could do with a little TLC or maintenance), like most subjects that emit light rather than reflect it, the illuminated parts can be too bright to be recorded accurately without underexposing the surroundings.

I slightly underexposed this to try to counteract this effect, and boosted the shadow detail so the background didn’t become top dark and lose details. Even so, not enough, as the illuminated areas are still ‘blown’. It’s awkward there as the narrow line affects and limits the background light.

Maybe another try on another day.

Given the subject, I was surprised to see the camera stepped in and chose a high ISO setting – an option I usually active as I prefer to use hand-held all the time, and make sure that flash is never deployed.have

Lighthouse Light

Lighthouse Light

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Today is Check Your Batteries Day

10 March 2019 is Check Your Batteries Day.

And yes, the inclusion of the year in that date means it’s one of those irritating days which can fall on different dates – in this case, the rule is that the day falls on the second Sunday of March.

Apparently this day is supposed to save your life as it’s supposed to remind you to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (if you have these devices).

Do that if you like, but I’ve got a better suggestion for this day.

Check the TYPE of batteries fitted to your electronic goodies and gadgets (those that are not rechargeable.

If they’re dry cells described as ‘Heavy Duty’ (usually zinc chloride), I suggest you get rid of them if they’re fitted to anything in which they’re expected to last up to a year or more. This is more likely if they are cheap or bargain offerings, simply because their construction will lack good seals.

They’ll probably almost definitely leak – and the stuff that comes out of them will corrode, and eventually ruin whatever they are fitted to if it’s not cleaned out.

Better not to have the leak in the first place.

Use alkaline batteries instead.

Leaking Super Heavy Duty Batteries

Leaking Super Heavy Duty Batteries

Strangely, I looked at some ‘Lifehacker’ and advice web sites supposedly telling those with no technical knowledge the best way to avoid leaking batteries.

Their advice is the opposite, claiming that alkaline are the most likely to leak.

All I’m saying about that is I’ll stick with my own advice, endorsed by my engineering colleagues.

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