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Storm Gareth converts broken streetlight into missing streetlight

Well that was slightly unexpected. The broken streetlight I mentioned is still changing.

After reporting that Storm Gareth kills my broken streetlight

I can now report that storm Gareth also STOLE ‘my’ streetlight during the night.

Missing Streetlight

Missing Streetlight


Broken Streetlight

Broken Streetlight

I couldn’t see that it had actually gone until daylight this morning.

More intriguing is the fact that the luminaire is not lying anywhere to be seen, in the street or nearby.

Most of the gardens are open, so it’s either stuck in a corner, out of sight, or was ‘taken for a ride’ by Gareth’s wind.

The highest gust I recorded yesterday was 38 mph, but the top of the lamppost is probably another 5 metres above my wind sensor, and speeds can rise sharply with height.

Oh well…

Just need to wait and see when a replacement appears now.

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