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Today is No Smoking Day

13 March 2019 is No smoking Day.

Unfortunately, another wandering day that falls on a different date most years – set as being the second Wednesday of March.

It may be an addiction, but that’s no excuse for starting!

Why is it so important to have a day set aside for this? Over the last few decades, it has become very clear just how extremely dangerous smoking is. There are toxins in smoke that cause many different forms of cancer from the mouth to the lungs. What is also important to know is that while it may be a personal choice to smoke or not, when one smokes near another person -or even a pet – the second-hand smoke is just as dangerous to them. So, it really isn’t just a personal decision. The protection of people who do not want to be affected by second-hand smoke has led to new laws in most communities that ban smoking in most public spaces.

Sadly, the many myths, beliefs, and excuses for smoking are STILL deep set in our various cultures, reinforced by the lies fostered by the tobacco companies in order to suppress the truth and keep people addicted.

This was especially important to those companies then (as it still is today, and they move into less well-informed countries and communities, as they knew full well that the more they got their customers to smoke, the sooner they killed them, and needed replacements to take their place, and keep up sales and profits.

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