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Sometimes… it’s easy to ‘read’ a plate

As registration number sales people get more and more desperate to sell somebody a plate and make their commission, the looney interpretations they put on numbers, to convince buyers they read as letters, gets dafter and dafter over time – see this reference I made to MAR 573N recently, when somebody sent me a pic of it spotted on a Bentley.

Good plates don’t have to be contrived (or illegally spaced) to make their point.

I like this simple example a lot more than the effort mentioned, where a fast-talking sales rep talked somebody into believing a ‘3’ looks like an ‘O’.

I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a few plastic bolts as well – a black one to make up the missing part, and a white (or yellow) one to obscure the horizontal stroke.

I’m NOT criticising the owners (who have to take what they can get as there is limited supply/choice sometimes), but having traded a few plates myself, think the selling agents can be a little TOO imaginative at times.

2013 Nissan NV200 [R23 MFL]

2013 Nissan NV200 [R23 MFL]

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