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The end of a theme

I used to enjoy looking after a forum that covered some of the Clyde coast resorts, mainly because I used to haunt them, and it meant watching the related news feeds for articles relating to events which took place there.

That ended when the owner died, but I kept watching the feeds for a while, but gave up on them as the events became fewer and local media concentrated on stories relating to violence, drugs, and crime. It was sad to see the change, but I suppose those stories attract more ad clicks.

Earlier this year I noticed I appeared to be reading more violent crime articles on the street I spend many hours walking, and started to note them in the blog, provided I could classify them as things I had ‘Just missed’ (or had just missed me).

Sadly, either things have recently become much worse, or the media is reporting more of them, as not only did this trend continue, the level of violence increased from simple brawls, through robbery with violence, targetted attacks, and murders, all taking place far too close to spots where I might be found. The only positive note is that many take place at times I wouldn’t be nearby.

Having proved my point (unfortunately), I wonder if there will be a media/police article later this year, about an increase (which there surely must be if it carries on at the present rate)? Stories this week mark the end of this recurring theme, with news from only a few streets away of a man being found violently murdered in his home some days after the event (after relatives asked police to look for him after he disappeared some days earlier).

Shettleston murder inquiry launched after man, 28, suffered violent death in own home

And the discovery of badly burned woman on waste ground (not so near, but on one of my regular walks) who later died in hospital…

“The death is currently being treated as unexplained.”

Then, later…

Update: Police later confirmed that the death is not being treated as suspicious but enquires continue.

I hope the media remembers to report the finding of that last one – how does a 20-year-old end up on waste ground, badly burned, and die, and that is not ‘suspicious’?

Woman dies after being found badly burned on wasteground

Glasgow may be making a big noise for itself as a tourist and film-making venue, but I have to say that after spending a few weeks watching the violent crime reports – and the ones I mentioned were ONLY found on places walk to, there were many more NOT mentioned as they didn’t meet the criteria – there is something wrong here.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

However, as I’ve now managed to make myself feel like locking myself indoors and not going out after reading about what’s happening on my doorstep, this theme has done its job and won’t be carrying on.

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