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Interesting approval decision for flats with no car parking, only cycle storage

I think that unlike many who just moan for the sake of it (or are just automatic naysayers about everything), I like to review subjects before a personal ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ thought forms amongst my last few functioning brain cells (so there’s plenty of space for those thoughts 🙂 ).

I happened to take a pic of the corner of Watson Street with the Gallowgate, and found that a planning application had just been approved for the spot.

No bad thing given its current appearance, and that it was just a piece of waste ground used as a car park for years. There used to be a warehouse there.

Gallowgate and Watson Street new flats site

Gallowgate and Watson Street new flats site

Now, a surprisingly tall block of flats will occupy the site.

What’s interesting about this one is the absence of ANY car parking as part of the 46 flat development (not counting the street of course), while cycle storage will be provided, along with a ground floor office unit.

I’m more used to seeing plans being rejected because the developer has failed to address parking adequately, or the impact of cars accessing a new development.

It can be interesting to visit more recent developments, and redevelopments too.

I’ve found many have secure facilities for the residents to store their cycles, avoiding the need to drag them up to their flats to keep them safe. If you look up at older developments, it’s not unusual to see one or two cycles stored outside the flat, if it has a convenient porch or similar area where they can be left, rather than bringing them indoors where they can take up space.

The second surprise, for some, might be seeing just how many cycles are in those racks (or on those porches).

CAR-Free Plan For 46 City Centre Flats Is Approved

Watson Street development Pic Credit GHA and Collective Architecture

Watson Street development Pic Credit GHA and Collective Architecture

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  1. I guess they can not include cars in the development as it is brand new. People get a choice whether to live there, fully knowing that it is completely car-free. Much like lots of regenerated factories in University towns in the UK. All without any car parking spaces.


    Comment by aramblingcollective | 27/04/2019

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