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Parkhead Public School becomes a community enterprise centre

I mentioned the building shown below a few weeks ago, when I noticed the scaffolding had finally gone and the refurbishment work appeared to be complete.

What I wasn’t really sure of was how the building was to be reused, who would be occupying it, and what they would be doing.

Seems it lay dormant for 15 years, and it was sad to walk past it as it just lay derelict, and the rot looked as if it was set to begin,

Parkhead Public School Redeveloped

Parkhead Public School Redeveloped


Two decades on from last working from the premises, careers advice and guidance will once again be delivered from the historic Parkhead Public School building

The building lay empty for more than 15 years and was listed on the Buildings At Risk register, before a massive transformation.

Now the category B-listed building has been revamped into a community enterprise centre with public and office space for various organisations, including Skills Development Scotland and Parkhead Housing Association.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be in the building and to be sharing a space with local community organisations such as Parkhead Housing Association, Playbusters, Parkhead Youth Project and Baillieston Community Care.”

SDS is Scotland’s national skills body, with professionally-qualified advisers working from its careers centres, community premises and in every state secondary school across Scotland.

SDS’s Parkhead Careers Centre is situated at 135 Westmuir Street, Parkhead Cross, Glasgow, G31 5EA and is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Anyone can drop in any time to speak with a qualified careers adviser.

Historic Parkhead building gets new lease of life after massive revamp

This is probably as good an example as any of my assertion that the many old and derelict buildings lying empty around Glasgow are not going to be ‘saved’ just because someone jumps up and down shouting about their unused condition.

They need to find both occupants and funding to make the reuse viable.

There is NO POINT in raising the money (if they even could) to rescue or restore a building if all that means is there is a nice looking derelict in place of the run down and decaying one, with no tenants, businesses, or services operating from it to make it viable.

The REAL issue is not the ‘Building at Risk’, but the lack of any tenants to make it work.


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