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REAL Glaswegians don’t need fancy ‘Buckfast bombs’ and ‘Bucky cocktails’

I was amused to see this (and it’s a ‘cut & paste’ quote, so all the mistakes come from the source)…

A Glasgow nightclub are raising a glass of tonic (and we don’t mean water) this weekend to celebrate National Wine Day.

The Garage, in Sauchiehall Street, are hosting a Buckfast party on Saturday and it sounds like it’s going to be a mad wan.

The student club will be selling Buckfast bombs and Bucky cocktails for one night only in celebration of Scotland’s notorious drink.

Glasgow nightclub selling ‘Bucky bombs’ at Buckfast party this weekend

I’d just been through the Barras the day before the above was announced, and this nice lady approached me and asked if I “Had any spare cigarettes?” after tidily disposing of her personal Bucky cocktail maker – an empty beer can and an empty bottle…

Then, while waiting for the bus under the bridge, I turned around and she was collecting a nice supper from Guido’s Coronation Restaurant.

Buckfast Bird

Buckfast Bird

I see quite a few girls drinking Buckfast on their own, not here, but sitting alone, further along the Clyde Walkway as I cycle along it, around Finnieston and the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

They look like teen tourists, usually with large backpacks, so I suspect they are trying the stuff on the basis of having been told “Everybody in Glasgow drinks Buckfast”.

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Nice example of someone who likes their ‘rights’ but not their ‘responsibilities’

Ever met people like this self-proclaimed preacher, probably better described simply as a bully, who are very good at telling everyone what their ‘rights’ are, but have no idea what their ‘responsibilities’ are?

Unfortunately, they’re not all that rare, especially if they’re using the claim whle doing something objectionable, or even illegal, as they think that shouting ‘THIS IS MY RIGHT’ absolves them from any suggestion that they are guilty of any wrongdoing.

That plan doesn’t always work, as in this case.

A man told children “Santa is a lie” at a busy shopping centre just days before Christmas.

John O’Neill, 42, also told the youngsters they would “go to hell” while he claimed to be “preaching the gospel” at Braehead Shopping Centre near Glasgow.

O’Neill, from Hamilton, claimed he was exercising his freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

He went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court accused of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner during his lunch hour on December 22 last year.

O’Neill gave evidence in his own defence and denied doing anything wrong.

He explained: “I am called as an Evangelist and that’s what I do regardless.

“We have a right to freedom of speech and freedom or religion and that includes manifesting it.”

Sheriff Lindsey Kooner convicted him of the single charge, ruling his behaviour could cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm.

She gave O’Neill a chance to behave and deferred sentence for three months.

The preacher was convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour at the shopping centre near Glasgow.

Man told children ‘Santa is a lie’ days before Christmas

Hope he tries something similar within the three month window.

Rights and Responsibilies

Rights and Responsibilities

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Coincidentally, I just saw some electric scooters in Glasgow

Possibly surprisingly, I’m in complete agreement with the folk who see items such as electric scooters as a problem on our roads, and other routes.

I’ve tended to think ‘The authorities’ were being heavy-handed as they continually refused to allow anything other than the long-established types of motor vehicles and cycles on our various roads and paths.

But (as usual) the behaviour of the few spoils things for the many, and the mad and careless antics of those who take (non-road legal) quads, dirt bikes, and assorted electric vehicles onto our roads just makes the current position of outright bans of all these vehicles inevitable.


A 15-year-old boy had six penalty points imposed on his future driving licence last October after being prosecuted for riding an electric scooter at high speed in a public place.

The past weekend was the first time I ever saw electric scooters on our roads AND pavements, and the behaviour of the users was far from acceptable, safe, or even considerate.

Every one of them was speeding through pedestrians on the pavement, then they would just veer off and scoot onto the road as and when it suited them, also crossing the road wherever they liked.

It’s a shame that those who can afford these things don’t appear to have brains that match their disposable income – their behaviour (which will be seen on traffic cameras, and recorded) can only ensure nobody will want to approve them for legal use.

There also seems to be an unfortunate ‘knock on’ effect from the arrival of electric scooters – as legislation is filed to control them, it often seems to be extended to include electric bikes in countries where this has already become an issue.

There’s more on this subject in this article.

Electric scooters on British roads would create ‘dangerous cocktail’

Unfortunately, from the behaviour I saw over the weekend, this sort of story can’t be far off from arriving here. of nothing is done.

Collision between e-scooter & double-decker bus leaves rider, 52, dead

E-scooter rider arrested for knocking down 11-year-old girl in Pasir Ris

Good luck escaping damage even at low speed if coming off an e-scooter dressed like this – and they are maybe limited to 15 mph if legal, but can be had with no limiter and able to reach anything up to 35 mph.

At least Scottish weather means we’re likely to be wearing something a little more robust – unless we’re used to the weather, then we’re already in T-shirts and shorts!



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Yup, it’s cauld

Just a quick observation of the temperature over the past month, since we enjoyed our ‘mini heatwave’ at the end of February.

While it was very nice to have, as you can see from the actual record, it didn’t last, and March may not have been freezing (although some nights did make it below 0°C), the warm days of February are yet to make a return.

In fact, the past few days have been decidedly cauld!

I know, I’ve been out in most of them – the problem is not the absolute temperature, which is reasonable, but the so-called ‘wind chill’ factor, an effect that makes the temperature feel a few degrees lower than it measures. At times, the wind make it feel like being hit with the blast of cold air from a freezer.

I was trying to explore some parts of the west end of Glasgow I don’t usually get to, but ended up in. Eventually had to give up and go home as the wind (and rain sometimes) just made it too cold to hang around outside for more than a few hours, and I wasn’t dressed for it.

I never trust Easter weather, and recall some years when a happy trip could be taken to the park to roll Easter eggs in the sun…

And others where I tried to make use of the holiday and get some work done outside on my car, only to be forced indoors when I lost the feeling in my fingers as they froze trying to handle the metal tools, and car parts.

The past week has been fairly crazy for weather, with rain, wind, blue skies, then Sun, all alternating in as little as 10 minutes at times (don’t forget the wind chill).

The only good thing about all this is that it’s not freezing and snowing, as per last year’s Beast from the East. At least you can go out even if things are variable.

And you can see the trend is rising temperature, even if slow.

March 2019 Temps

March 2019 Temps

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Mural surprise along a lane

With so many murals now being listed almost ‘officially’ on some web sites and publications, it’s almost something of a surprise to go wandering down lanes and finding examples not seen listed in those sources – or I’ve just missed them.

This one turned up in Burgh Lane, Hillhead, not far off Byres Road, and is on the wall of the Western Baths, which is just as well, as it features – the Western Baths!

Quite a place by all accounts, I managed to miss my chance to get in for a look at the place before it was revamped and became a club, although much has been retained.

Prior to the changes (and I have to say I am going by memory here, risky), I think the place, exclusive as it was, was under threat of being lost, but that seems to be a thing of the past for it now. It seems to be doing well.

The Western Baths Club is a Victorian era private swimming and leisure club founded in 1876. The club remains at its original site at 12 Cranworth Street, Hillhead, Glasgow. The 19th-century baths are protected as a category A listed building. Along with the Arlington Baths it is the one of two clubs of its kind left in Glasgow.

I had to go back a couple of times – I didn’t feel like taking an awkward pic (ie not a quick snap) with a small crowd of ‘yoofs’ who were intent on studying the contents of plastic bags they were carrying, standing on almost the same spot I had to be on to take the pic.

The lane is fairly narrow, and the mural fairly wide – there’s no chance of catching with any ordinary wide lens.

I had to stitch four shots together to get the whole thing in one pic.

It actually worked.

Click for bigger.

Burgh Lane Western Baths Mural

Burgh Lane Western Baths Mural

Although I don’t have any accurate tools to correct the distortion in such a wide stitch, I thought I’d try anyway, just to see how it did.

It does help, but if you look at the extreme edges on the left and right of the second image, you can see how this correction tool is adding more (different) distortion as it corrects the original distortion.

Click for bigger.

Western Baths Mural Version 2

Western Baths Mural Version 2

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My accountant’s office was torched

Reportedly, “Police are treating the blaze as deliberate“.

I saw this being reported at the time, but the first reports didn’t give the name of the business, and the media pics weren’t clear enough to show where the fairly fierce fire was, with some 20 firefighter said to have attended. Simpson’s came to mind, but I couldn’t tell, and only confirmed this when I saw a later story.

Accountants office goes up in flames in deliberate fire

I had to wander along for a look and few pics.

This is pretty sad, there can’t be anything left inside as accountants live off paper, and this building was packed with the stuff.

Simpson Fire 02

Simpson Fire

Ignore the green barriers. They are unrelated to the fire and belong to fibre laying operations in the road.

While I’ve nothing that needs the attentions of an accountant these days, I did consult them some years ago, and even started a little data management program for them (but never finished).

I always liked the building, obviously once a residence but, for as long as I can remember was occupied by this accountant’s business.

It was one of the few early buildings that survived here. Much of the land behind was occupied by the Tollcross Tube Works, closed and razed years ago, with only the offices that once stood at the entrance still surviving, as a row of shops. Most of the nearby land became a housing development.

He (Mr Simpson) must have retired some years ago, as it’s ages since I’ve seen his car there (with its distinctive registration), but we did meet in his office, the room on the left, which retained the original features of the house  – the rest of the place had been converted into office space for the staff, and storage for the files and paperwork.

The attic space had been converted too, and I spent some time working on a computer behind that small arched window that can just about still be seen above the front door.

I wonder if any MPs will try to blame this on the board of the Glasgow School of Art, as they progress with their ‘witch hunt’ and blame game?

I’ve no idea what sort of backups they had, but it’s pretty obvious that this blaze was fierce enough to destroy both paper records and computer records – lending credence to the advice to store backups off site (or in a decent fire safe), in readiness for such an event as this.

Some more views of the aftermath.


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