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Nice cycle and pedestrian plan for Yorkhill, Kelvingrove, and Finnieston

While I’m still waiting to see some action on the East City Way on my own doorstep, I’ll be happy to see the proposals for a ‘Cycling Village’ to be developed around the area of Yorkhill, Kelvingrove, and Finnieston. I currently have to cover the first few miles on normal roads (although I have found some rat runs that avoid quite a lot of them now) before I can join the segregated routes at Parkhead, after which I get to the west end, and beyond, on various cycle routes which avoid most traffic.

These areas are already reasonably well provided for by existing cycle paths/routes, which are so popular that I often come off them and use the road if I’m in a hurry. On nice days, they just get too busy, and unless you’re ‘Lycra Lout’ ready to speed through everyone else at a ridiculous pace, you just have to go with the flow.

The various pieces of the plan have appeared in various articles over the past year, and look as if they should deliver an improved experience for everyone moving through the area, on foot, or using wheels (any sort).

The plan is still a couple of years away from being completed, assuming it gets both the go-ahead and raised the required funding.

What worries me is that it could be delayed if special interest and various activist groups get their hands on it, start submitting complaints and requirements on the basis they have been forgotten or ignored, and keep the plan circulation around the approval loop for years, as happened with the Sauchiehall Street ‘Avenues’ project, which I think the council eventually just got on with after a while, as the naysayers carried on whining and complaining.

Members of the Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council are preparing to send their proposal, the Cycling Village Project, backed by Glasgow City Council, to the Scottish charity next month.

The plan has to cost more than £2 million – with the community council hoping to secure up to £8m – and Sustrans will choose how much to allocate before the local authority match it.

The community council’s pitch will be sent by April 23 and if successful the project, which aims to improve the streetscape of Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston by making them safer and more attractive, will be completed in two years.

The aim is to ensure visitors and residents can discover and enjoy the area, while making pedestrian and cycling needs a priority.

It will also allow people to move around easily between their homes, transport hubs, community facilities and local businesses.

To achieve this vision, the group is pursuing ways to improve streetscapes, provide more cycling facilities including connections to promote already existing routes, enhance architectural heritage and introduce green elements to the local environment.

The community council also hopes to link together the three national cycle routes, through Kelvingrove Park , along the Clyde and the West City Way.

The organisation will also try to develop a driver awareness scheme for those who are uneasy overtaking cyclists.

They also plan to make the area more wheel user and autism friendly.

Multi-million pound plan to transform Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston into a Cycling Village

Next stop, Kelvingrove Park…

Cycle Priority Traffic Lights

Cycle Priority Traffic Lights


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Even quicker weather update (updated!)

Well, THAT didn’t take long after the previous nice sunny post, which was no great surprise.

Already looks as if today is set to follow yesterday. I wonder how many were fooled, and did actually don T-shirts and shorts earlier?

Blue skies and sunshine have gone, the temperature has already fallen by more than 1°C (already gone below 7°C, and still falling) while the sky is filled by one big grey cloud overhead.

I’m pulling on the showerproof jacket, and packing an umbrella.

Heavy Grey Clouds

Heavy Grey Clouds



Before I’d even finished writing the above, there was a pattering on the window…

The hail had arrived!

Had to grab a pic quick though as the ground is relatively warm, so it’s not lying.



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That look

That look…

When you’re a dachshund (aka sausage dog) and you see some cats coming out of the baker’s with a bag of hot dog rolls and a disposable barbecue!



I didn’t realise quite how LOUD these little dogs were, until their human arrived, and they were happy again.

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Quick weather update

After seeing yesterday’s dire warning of sleet and ice as we get hit by ANOTHER Arctic Blast, I thought I’d show what this morning looked like, especially after yesterday morning was similar, and fooled people into heading out in T-shirt and short, then turned cold and wet!

This is what yesterday morning (Monday) looked like too, blue sky, cotton wool clouds, and sunshine, then turned into grey and wet skies after only a couple of hours.

Don’t be fooled though – the temperature was a mere 3°C here at the same time, unless the Sun was shining on you. Even then, it barely made 8°C.

I should be out later, and see if the crowds are again a mixture of the half-naked, and the well wrapped up in woollies.

And we still have the warning of…

“Cold winds from Iceland are set to bring ice, sleet and snow showers to the west of Scotland over the next few days”

Sunny Blue Sky Morning

Sunny Blue Sky Morning

Sorry birdy, I must have slipped.

Your head WAS in the pic when I framed it.

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Missing and lost cats in Queen’s Park

Time for some more old posters for missing/lost cats, this time somewhere in Queen’s Park.

Despite being a really bitter day even though it was not really that cold, a biting wind made it feel freezing, I did take a quick wander around a bit of Queen’s Park while I was there recently, before the addition of rain just made it too cold, and I left.

I only saw this pair of posters in one spot, although I’m sure if I had stayed long enough for a proper wander I would have come across more.

The dated one goes back to December 2018, while the other has the often seen problem of NO DATE, meaning that apart from its old appearance, you can’t really know whether or not there’s any point in paying attention to it.

Queens Park Missing and Lost cats

Queens Park Missing and Lost cats

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