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Today is Chocolate Mousse Day

03 April is Chocolate Mousse Day.

I don’t know how many ‘chocolate days’ we’ve had already, but apart from having to stop to write a post… I’m not complaining (I’m just enjoying).

Deeply rich, a thick creamy substance of that most decadent of flavours, chocolate.

In French, ‘mousse’ means ‘foam’, and that’s a pretty good description for this dessert, light and frothy, or creamy and thick, depending on how you prepare it. The origins of this delicacy are largely unknown, although it is known to have been a popular dish in 18th century in France. But the first written record of its appearance is said to have been found in an exposition in New York City in 1892.

I’d only say one thing…

Keep it simple!

Too often I’ve had chocolate mousse wasted by having to many ‘extras’ added, or things with rough textures.

More chocolate never goes amiss, but it has to be a chocolate cream, or very soft melt-in-the-mouth chocolate flakes.

Fresh cream or a really smooth custard usually doesn’t go wrong either.

Simple Chocolate Mouse

Simple Chocolate Mouse

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