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The Cold War – probably a better legacy than Glasgow 2014

The Cold War is always a handy fallback for politicians to get their names in ‘print’, and this week some of them decided to don their ‘Outraged’ hats and dig up some old stuff, and make it look as if they were ‘Doing Something’.

It’s always nice if you can kick a ‘Soft Target’ you know can’t fight back, and I’d say that’s the case here, as some politicians decided to resurrect the rather old story of the UK’s stored fleet of nuclear submarines, as if they had just discovered something ‘New’, and should be praised for being so diligent and caring.

In reality, they win either way, running the story they did, and jumping up and down while whining about the ageing boats being stored, or alternatively (had the MoD embarked on decommissioning them years ago, when there was little experience or practical expertise to draw on), they could today be throwing stones at the MoD for not carrying out the decommissioning properly.

MoD under fire over fate of 20 retired nuclear submarines

Gets better…

SNP demands public inquiry on failure to scrap decommissioned nuclear submarines

Still, these politicians are probably right to stick the boot into the MoD now, as I suspect the decommissioning work currently being carried out at Dounreay will provide previously unavailable tech to make decommission the nuclear boats practical in the near future, and they will lose their chance to score more ‘Free Brownie Points’ when that eventually happens.

More interestingly, and probably more use than the endless whining of politicians, the National Archives has started its season: Britain’s Cold War Revealed.

Launching on the 4 April with the opening of our brand new exhibition, our Cold War season explores the impact of the Cold War on Britain, in the corridors of power, in hidden government bunkers, and on daily life in the home. Discover the real evidence of what happened during this turbulent era of secrets and paranoia. Immerse yourself in the shadowy world of espionage, learn how menacing the Cold War became, and witness the experiences of the generations that lived through it.

More here: Britain’s Cold War Revealed

They also run other current events related to this, which can be found in this listing

This is when I miss the days I got to work down in London every few months, and could take the time to catch various attraction down there.

I just can’t afford to do that trip myself now, just for fun.

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