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Paying attention… can bring surprises

After yesterday’s post on paying attention, particularly in places where you may think you have been doing so (but really haven’t), I recalled grabbing a chance pic a few days ago, taken as I noticed something I had not been aware of before, despite looking closely at the source during 2018.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned combing the ‘new’ Kelvingrove when it reopened after refurbishment in 2006, and had many addition spaces opened up which allowed a number of small displays to be added in corners. I’ve mentioned a few of them, including The Lafaruk Madonna in ‘How many Italian Chapels‘, which I won’t repeat here. I also mention it briefly in the Wiki, here: Italian Chapel Orkney

Back at the time I wrote those pieces, I was surprised not to have any pics of the triptych itself.

Today, I have no idea if I was simply not paying attention, diverted, too busy thinking about the number of Italian chapels I had come across, and failed to notice the triptych on the wall adjacent to the pics I took telling the story behind the chapel built at Lafaruk.

Or if it was not on display at the time. A possibility if it was yet to be installed, or removed for maintenance.

The one thing I do remember was thinking it was odd, and wonder if I really just didn’t see something that was in plain sight.

I really don’t know, but I did grab the shot below to remind me the paintings are there, and are very obvious, being mounted on the wall facing the visitor as they approach the small side room where this display appears.

They really CAN’T be missed.

Lafaruk chapel religious paintings

Lafaruk chapel religious paintings

I’ve made a mental note to go back for a proper pic, with the low light camera. The lighting is low and varied in this room (compare the mushy sides to the better lit centre), and the walls give a colour cast that had to be corrected. Even so, I’m surprised at how well the compact did – even if I didn’t notice that nasty reflection!

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