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Clutha inquiry begins

Hard to miss the start of the inquiry into the helicopter crash into the Clutha bar, it was still intriguing to see the news feeds arrive from the few sources I let send such things.

I wonder how many articles there were across the whole media today?

Clutha crash inquiry hears of helicopter’s final seconds

Inquiry into Clutha crash which left ten dead begins

Clutha survivors ‘apprehensive’ as disaster inquiry begins

Clutha FAI: Witness describes helicopter sounding like ‘an old car trying to start’

Clutha FAI: The night tragedy befell ‘a pub without pretension’

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry: Witness relives the moment he saw helicopter light ‘go out’

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry set to open in Glasgow today after five-year wait for answers

Clutha crash victims remembered as Fatal Accident Inquiry begins at Hampden

The Clutha Bar As Was

The Clutha Bar As Was



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Don’t miss ‘Village of the Damned’ at Kelvingrove

The 1960’s film (not the useless remake) ‘Village of the Damned’ included a reasonably unsettling portrayal of some ‘special’ children…

In the small English village of Midwich everybody and everything falls into a deep, mysterious sleep for several hours in the middle of the day. Some months later every woman capable of child-bearing is pregnant and the children that are born out of these pregnancies seem to grow very fast and they all have the same blond hair and strange, penetrating eyes that make people do things they don’t want to do.

There are some gorgeous carvings and sculptures in Kelvingrove, but there’s also few that are distinctly ‘creepy’.

Some sculptors portray a passable eye while others don’t even try.

I’ve never liked the representation of an eyeball by a featureless spherical segment, although it does seem to work classical work, and adult figures.

But for children… NOPE!

I don’t know if that’s simply down to the different structure of their faces, or memories of seen the original black & and white film.

Whatever the underlying reason, while I can happily wander around the sculptures distributed throughout Kelvingrove, this group strikes me as remarkably creepy.

Try not thinking about ‘Village of the Damned’, or being mentally induced (probably to kill yourself), if you see them.

These are supposed to be four-year-olds!

These marble carvings date from the latter part of the 1800s.

Kelvingrove Child Sculptures

Kelvingrove Child Sculptures

The one at centre back, clearly the leader.


I had to add this view.

That poor woman’s face – even though she’s behind them, they’re trying to make her…

Kelvingrove Expression Gallery Creepy Child Sculptures

Kelvingrove Expression Gallery Creepy Child Sculptures

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Gibson Street flowers

I have to be honest and say I didn’t just take this pic. It dates back few weeks to when we had our brief spell of Spring-like weather and I dared venture outside.

The flowers are probably dead in the cold now, and I’m more wrapped up to stay warm now than I was in the days before I went out and took this pic.

Gibson Street Flowers

Gibson Street Flowers

This wasn’t an isolated example, I found more of these as I wandered around.

I sometimes think it would be nice to live there.

But there’s a problem.

I’m a completely anti-social creature from the garden suburbs – and this is completely different, being tenement and flat territory.

I’d probably have a nervous breakdown from the culture shock!

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Chilly fair on the Green

The fair set up at the foot of Nelson’s Column seems to have become a regular thing in recent years, or at least I’ve only noticed after being there a bit more in recent years.

My memory of this from further back in time is that the fair/shows were set up at various venues on the Green, sometimes quite far away from this spot, on what used to be rough ground which is now football pitches.

The view was better last week, when I passed from further away and couldn’t stop for a pic,

Then, it was even sunny, and the place looked busy.

This time, it was almost deserted, not forgetting it was dull, grey, and cold too.

Glasgow Green shows under Nelson's Monument

Glasgow Green shows under Nelson’s Monument

I wanted a shot of the main ride in action, it swings that basket like a pendulum, and rotates it too.

Seems to be quite effective at raising screams…

It was working last week, but no like this time, as nobody was riding.

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