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Oh no! Kelvingrove’s falling apart too

Locals will (should) be aware of the problems which have caught up with the glasshouse of the Winter Garden at the People’s Palace.

Let’s hope MP Paul Sweeney doesn’t notice a little blip in the condition of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum – or there might be ANOTHER petition rushing out of his office. He’d probably want to raise at least one, if not two, million to fix this (while he poses for a new media pic) and prevent the council from closing the place forever, and dumping the old exhibits in the nearest skip.

I forgot I’d spotted this recent little hiccup there recently.

In fact, with Easter on my mind, I thought the bright yellow fencing was something to do with that, until I got closer and saw the detail.

If you look through the opening just to the left of the sign you’ll see a clue – those white bits should really be on the ceiling above.

Kelvingrove No Access To Stairs

Kelvingrove No Access To Stairs

The decorative cornice, probably more accurately the plain coving part has come away from the line where the horizontal glazing meets the vertical wall.

Not sure what it is made of as I can’t get close enough, but it’s a little odd that it’s flexible enough to stay attached at the point where it is hanging. If it was just a plaster moulding, it should have snapped and fallen under its own weight. Unless, it’s just occurred to me the moulding may be mounted on a fabric carrier, to make it easier to handle. That could then fail at the end of section, but stay together with a section.

I thought the shape was odd, then realised they had just used regularly spaced gobs of plaster to stick the moulding to the joint line.

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

Closer look at the gobs and gap.

Kelvingrove Plaster Detail

Kelvingrove Plaster Detail

That’s not a crummy zoom – it’s just a crummy crop from the larger image.

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