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Oh look! A horse drawn hearse

While I’ve heard the clip-clop of a horse-drawn hearse passing, it’s usually gone by the time I get to where it was.

No such problems this time as it looked like the equivalent of a breakdown recovery service was doing its stuff when I spotted this one.

I don’t know what happened, and couldn’t hang around long enough to see the conclusion, but I did collect a couple of pics.

I suspect this is from a nearby undertaker based in Shettleston (onty a few minutes away), who offers  not only horse-drawn hearses for special occasions, but also limousines, vintage hearses, and even motorcycle hearses.

I think they’ve all been along this road as some time, as it’s the preferred route to the local crematorium, and I’ve been in one or two of those cortèges.

Horse drawn hearse

Horse drawn hearse

Would you believe… Made in Falkirk.

Not sure if the lorry was collecting or delivering the horses. Everybody was just standing around, although there was much discussion going on via mobile phone, but I couldn’t make out a word.

When I passed again, about half an hour later, the hearse was gone, but the lorry was still there, all closed up.

The lorry does contain TWO horses, although the second is almost hidden by the shadows.

Horse drawn hearse and horse lorry

Horse drawn hearse and horse lorry

For the observant, I ‘fixed’ the pic so the subjects were aligned and level, as the camber of the road made them look decidedly odd.

If you think the house in the background is leaning, that’s why. It’s not your eyes, they’re fine.

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