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What’s better than a Dippy Volunteer? (One million visitors?)

One Dippy Volunteer

One Dippy Volunteer

Two Dippy Volunteers! 🙂

Two Dippy Volunteers

Two Dippy Volunteers

Or even more on some days, but not the day I was taking some pics/

The volunteers started to appear after a while, and help families get pics of the visit.

Generally, the person taking the pic is missing, or the camera (more usually phone) gets handed around, but that still means one person is missing.

The volunteers can offer to take the pic, so the whole family/group can be included, and the group can use the framing cards the volunteers are carrying.

Dippy Volunteer frame

Dippy Volunteer frame

And this is an ‘Action Shot’.

Dippy Volunteer at work

Dippy Volunteer at work

It’s weird, even the main gallery in Kelvingrove, where Dippy is located, is actually quite dark for taking pics. Visually, the eye compensates for this so you don’t really notice, but when you look at the numbers (a real camera shows these, plus settings, all the time) it can be surprising. The above shots had the camera locked to avoid going over ISO1600, or it would, meaning the shutter speeds were low since I lock out the flash too. It really is dSLR territory where I can use those more extreme settings, but it’s not so convenient to carry all the time. At this time of year, it can also be ages before I can start taking pics since I don’t arrive by nice warm car. Condensation on the large glass elements can be slow to clear once I get indoors with the cold dSLR and lens. The compact warm up a lot faster.

I hope they got a bit of training – the first time somebody handed me their smartphone to take their picture… I didn’t have a clue!

Not only was there no shutter release (so now I know a ‘virtual’ button appears over the image on screen), but the thing had real buttons along the edges, so unless you were careful where you held it, the thing went nuts.

Update – Dippy’s seen ONE MILLION visitors

Too late mention in the original post…

A few minutes after it published, I got a tweet from Kelvingrove announcing that Dippy had just passed the ONE MILLION VISITOR mark.


I can believe that.

The place was mobbed yesterday, as I dropped in for the 1 pm organ recital.

But, when I take pics on such days (this wasn’t yesterday), they just don’t seem to make the place LOOK as if it’s busy, even if it looked that way to the eye, before I took the pic.

I must be doing something wrong – maybe half the people are camera-shy, and run away in the split-second before I hit the shutter release.

Kelvingrove busy?

Kelvingrove busy?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but despite the success, I’m longing for days when there might only be two or three people in a shot like the above.

(Reading this some weeks later, I think I should be clear – this was 1 million in total, for ALL the venues to date, not Kelvingrove alone.)


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