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Soft melting cats can’t be found in Kelvingrove

Since I mentioned the missing item from the da Vinci exhibition in Kelvingrove, it seems only fair to also mention the soft melting cats you won’t find if you visit the Salvador Dali exhibit.

Soft Melting Cats

Soft Melting Cats

*Disclaimer on melting cats – nothing to do with me, sadly, it’s part of ‘Fat Cat Art’, a larger series and is  inspired by Salvador Dali, The Purrsistence of Cats’ Meowmory

Real cats do this even better…

Dali Melting Cat

Dali Melting Cat



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Today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

12 April is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

Not the name I think of this treat as, more usually referred around me as ‘Cheese on Toast’, and some refer to ‘Toasted Cheese’.

Kind of simple and obvious a to what this is, and how to make it, but… there is a but, for me at least.

While some people apparently LOVE stringy cheese that stretches for miles once melted, I absolutely hate it.

Apart from getting cold and tough when it strings, I find it almost always turns into a chewy lump of rubber that refuses to be chewed into anything edible.

My cheese on toast is always made using a soft cheese that will go runny, and not set into something that could probably be used instead of tar or pitch to seal a leaking roof.

There is a little skill involved – better to err on the side of not too hot (which can prevent any type of cheese from going stringy and rubbery), as overdoing the heat under the grill can lead to early onset ‘Rubber Transformation’… even of soft cheeses!

Cheese on toast

Cheese on toast

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