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Notre Dame in flames

I wonder how long it will take a certain clique to try blaming the board of the Glasgow School of Art for causing this?

Paris’s iconic Notre Dame Cathedral continued to burn Monday night, out of control. By 2:10 PM ET the building’s iconic spire was entirely consumed in the conflagration; the entire roof had collapsed by the time firefighters finally appeared on live video coverage.

A spokesman from the church said the entire wooden interior of the more-than-800-year-old cathedral is burning and likely to be destroyed. No injuries have been reported. The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation into the Notre Dame fire, CNN reports.

Paris’s deputy mayor has described the damage to the cathedral as “colossal” and that efforts were underway to save some of the art and artifacts inside. French authorities say the fire is “potentially linked” to the $6.8 million renovation project that had been under way on the church’s 2,400-foot high spire, which no longer exists.

Bear in mind we have now lost a number of historic buildings and collections to fire in only a few months.

I wonder if anyone is thinking of looking for a connection?

Seems the Orange Moron tried to make himself appear helpful by suggesting water bombing the blaze as a speedy way to extinguish it.

Fortunately, those who have brains realise that dropping tonnes of water on a building is a pretty good way to guarantee its destruction.


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Largs Mystery Object revisited

A few years ago, when we still had an active Forum and people who actually took part, the question of an object spotted in Largs was raised.

Seems most people had seen it, walked past it, but never really noticed it, or thought about what it actually was, or how it got there.

Despite much discussion, and a number of theories, nobody ever came up with an answer based on knowledge or fact.

By some strange quirk of nature, I somehow remembered this object when I was in Largs recently, so was able to collect a set of pics I could use here.

As far as I know, it’s still a mystery.

Unless YOU know better.

These pics aren’t in any particular order, nor am I adding any of the past suggestions as I don’t want to influence any thoughts, but I’ve added a few comments.

This adjacent building gives an idea of the scale of the object – some have suggested a connection with the object.

I have my doubts, and you’ll see an adjacent telegraph pole (also suggested as a connection) in later shots, which is a much more likely reason for this building’s existence.

Largs Mystery Object 01

Largs Mystery Object 01

There is a bolted access (inspection?) hatch on the object, together with a hole on the central axis.

I didn’t think to stick a finger in the hole, to learn if it is just a hole, or if it is a cylinder ((pipe or tube) which maintains the sealed integrity of the object, rather than leaving the interior open to the outside world.

I should do that if I get back.

That said, if it is a hole, it may have been added later, and not be original.

It seems odd having that bolted hatch if that is a simple hole.

Largs Mystery Object 02

Largs Mystery Object 02

Age/rust damage on the lower edge.

Largs Mystery Object 03

Largs Mystery Object 03

Similar area of the object, but undamaged.

Largs Mystery Object 04

Largs Mystery Object 04

The central weld.

Largs Mystery Object 05

Largs Mystery Object 05

The object, building, and telegraph pole.

Largs Mystery Object 06

Largs Mystery Object 06


Largs Mystery Object 07

Largs Mystery Object 07


Largs Mystery Object 08

Largs Mystery Object 08

For what it may be worth…

Old OS maps don’t appear to show this building (current mapping does), so I can’t determine its age, usually possible using that source.

There is a legend ‘Cable Beacon’ shown on old OS maps, but there is no specific point indicated for this. It also  appears further inland.

At a guess, this was a marker located on higher ground, to show where telephone or telegraph cables came ashore.

None of the historic mapping databases show any record here.

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So… THAT’S Kelvingrove bandstand

Funny thing, despite being around the area for a (very) long time, I never came across Kelvingrove bandstand.

More accurately, that was down to the place being ruin in danger of being lost until about 2012, when it was saved, and restored for 2014.

I wasn’t around much in the previous years, and it was, if I remember correctly, just a fenced off pile of rubbish, so I never really noticed it.

I only rediscovered it last year, and would you believe – I couldn’t see it!

To be more exact, the ‘Glasgow Summer Night’ music event meant the bandstand and amphitheatre were fenced in and blocked off as this is a paid ticket event.

The good thing about this is that they can’t stop the music spilling out of the place, so it was a handy excuse for a decent cycle run most evenings, to have a listen.

I went back a few weeks ago (remember the kid-on nice Spring weather we had) for a look, and found the place was open and empty, but you can’t get to it (legitimately) as it is fenced off and the gates in the fence are closed and locked.

Seems a bit of a shame, keeping ordinary legit folk out, especially bearing in mind that vandals don’t give a damn about fences and gates, which they’ll just jump over if they decide to attack the bandstand.

With the amphitheatre, it’s a wide area to photograph, and even a wide-angle lens catches very little of the total view.

However, I found that I could catch the whole view in three wide shots and, I must be getting better at framing these, as the collection stitched together almost invisibly (I added a fourth to catch the foreground), with my usual ‘mistake’ of allowing automatic exposure, instead of locking it in, to avoid shot to shot variations.

Click for bigger.

Kelvingrove Bandstand Stitch

Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre Stitch

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