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Could today have been our last chilly day for 2019’s spring?

I hate doing weather posts, they seem like the weather equivalent of ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ where Scotland’s weather is concerned.


The media was off again this evening:

Glasgow to be hotter than Barcelona for Easter bank holiday weekend as temperatures hit 21C

And this time I do have to say that the forecasts I watch and trust have been in agreement with prediction for more than a week.

Today was ALMOST not chilly.

At 6 am it looked grim and grey despite being sunrise.

By 9 am we had sunshine and blue skies.

BUT – poking the ‘test nose’ out of the door confirmed constant gusting winds which ensured things just did not feel warm.

Sadly, that gusting wind persisted throughout the day and into the evening. Things might have already been quite nice but for its chilling effect.

I really wish I could get a decent ‘Compare and Contrast’ pic of the way folk were dressed, but they never seem to come together. Suffice to say that while some seemed to be happy in t-shirts and shorts (not even carrying jackets, just in case), other were still firmly attached to their woolly hats, scarfs, gloves, and heavy jackets.

I’m addicted to carrying pockets full of ‘junk’ I need, so am usually attached to a decent jacket most of the time, and frankly needed it with today’s wind. It just never stopped gusting all day long.

But stepping indoors (to shops or similar) means it has to come off, or overheating kicks in fairly soon.

One irritation from the wind was thinking I’d like to get onto my bike, a thought that keeps arising whenever I’m indoors looking outside.

But then, as soon as I stepped outside, I’d remember the last ride I had in similar weather, which was not fun, especially when a gust came out of nowhere from side streets, or I was in a street where the wind was channelled into a headwind – which seemed to happen regardless of the direction I was travelling. The next few days STILL show gusts up to almost 25 mph, and that’s both significant, and NOT fun, even if the average is less than half of that figure.

I’d like the ‘chilly weather’ to go away now, and make way for the ‘nice tourist’ weather.

Nice Tourist

Nice Tourist


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  1. Great post! It’s always interesting to see what kind of weather others around the word get to enjoy (or suffer through, whichever is appropriate.

    It is the opposite here in Texas. We are clinging desperately to these last few cool days before the blazing hell of summer sets in for 6 months. And by “cool”, I mean nights that are 10-15 C, and days that stay below 21 C.

    Anyway, here’s hoping things warm up for you soon!


    Comment by Biff Sock Pow | 16/04/2019

  2. Like it.

    Your ‘cool’ days are what I like to live in here (when it gets warm again), days around 21 C and nights of 10-15 C.

    Some years ago (think decades) we had some really hot summers, so hot we had to install aircon in our offices as we hit 40 C and over indoors – but that faded away after a few years, and we’ve never had a repeat, and everyone seems to have forgotten that period.

    I don’t, mainly because I had to justify and foot the bill for half a dozen aircon systems at the time!


    Comment by Apollo | 16/04/2019

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