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More fun for the mindless – ‘Heritage Crime’ is added to their list of hobbies

I’ve been watching the slow but steady increase in reports relating to crimes against historic sites and artefacts over the years.

I’ve been able to see this for myself as sites relating to World War II and the Cold war are vandalised and burnt-out, while anything more recent (such as memorials) has become a handy resource for metal thieves, who don’t like the idea of dying if they steal wiring from high voltage substations and train lines.

I’ve revisited some sites (which I might add are in isolated locations and can be hard to find) which were complete, intact, and well-preserved at my first visit, only to find they’ve been broken into, vandalised, and stripped, even if the contents have no real value. It’s enough gratification for the morons involved just to destroy them.

This increase has become noticeable, and is now in the news.

A campaign has been launched to raise awareness of “heritage crime” in Scotland.

It follows a series of vandalism attacks on ancient monuments such as St Anthony’s chapel in Edinburgh.

The Crimestoppers charity said such incidents were on the rise and that the cost to the public purse was thought to be “significant”.

It is now calling on people to report offences like graffiti, metal theft and fire-raising anonymously.

What is heritage crime?

Crimestoppers said heritage crime was when historic buildings, monuments and shipwrecks are criminally damaged. This can include:


•Anti-social behaviour

•Theft, including metal theft

•Metal detecting on scheduled monuments

•Recovery of objects from protected shipwrecks

•Undeclared treasure trove or salvage

•Illicit trade in antiquities

Fresh bid to tackle growing ‘heritage crime’

An example

The level of violence vandals will employ to destroy something, or gain access to a closed space is not limited, and even robust sites will be attacked.

Take this example I came across a while ago.

Compare my first pic taken in around 2001 with the second taken by another visitor to the same site some years later, in 2007.

Hatch 01

Hatch 01

Six years later.

Hatch 07

Hatch 07

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