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Sad to see the Bluebird story is unresolved as craft reportedly heads back to Loch Fad

Some things amaze me, and the Bluebird scenario, or apparent fiasco, is one of them.

It’s hard to believe the wreckage was recovered, restored, and trialled, yet there was no clear definition of ownership and responsibility.

Given that there must have been a fair amount of money involved, which must have been administered, it’s hard to see how things got to where they are without that clear definition being spelt out somewhere in the legal documentation around the project.

Yet, as I noted a while ago, the saga of who’s in control is STILL unclear with the dispute as active as it was back then.

The man behind the restoration of Bluebird plans to run the vessel on a Scottish loch for a second summer, despite the threat of legal action.

Donald Campbell’s craft was recovered from Coniston Water in 2001 and rebuilt by Tyneside engineer Bill Smith.

Last week, lawyers for the Ruskin Museum demanded the hydroplane be handed over so it can go on display.

But Mr Smith said the vessel should be seen in action and it would be taken back for test runs on Loch Fad in July.

Campbell’s family gifted Bluebird’s wreckage to the museum in Coniston, but the Ruskin Museum Trust and Mr Smith’s Bluebird Project restoration team cannot agree what the craft’s future should be.

Bluebird: Iconic craft set for Scottish loch test run

If both sides really care about the craft, then the solution is that both should be satisfied by having it on show in the museum during the winter season, and out on the water, running (to keep it in good order) during the summer season when weather permits.

Incredibly, they don’t even seem to have a problem funding this, which is usually where these projects die their death, with no money to maintain such craft, or even fill the fuel tanks!

One word for all those involved –  DAFT!

I hope this isn’t really a clash of personalities waging war by proxy, with Bluebird potentially being locked up in some legal battle, and lost to everyone while it plays out.

And this nonsense after the trials on Loch Fad went so well.

Bluebird Planes Courtesy Zak

Bluebird Planes Courtesy Zak


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