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Byres Road farce defines “Too many cooks”

If you’ve never come across the fiasco that has become the Byres Road “City Deal-funded comprehensive public realm scheme”, then I suggest sitting down with a strong cup of tea or coffee (or maybe something even ‘stronger’ – you’ll probably need it), and doing some background reading of past articles online.

The get ready to keep reading for another THREE YEARS!

This scheme is CURRENTLY not expected to be completed until 2022 – and that will only happen if no more ‘cooks’ come to the table.

In the past, plans such as this were created and imposed on an area.

Not necessarily right, but at least it meant the plan was delivered, something was done, and then the various interested parties could fight it out over the years and have what they thought was ‘Most Important’ installed as a modification in later years, if they could get anyone to listen to their whining.


Now, schemes can end up delayed for years as those who think THEIR requirements are the most important, and should override everyone else’s needs and wants.

This almost happened in Sauchiehall Street, with various groups whining on and on about how THEY should get priority in the scheme to alter that street, until it just seemed to start and get built, while those people were still whining away in the background.

But Byres Road just seems to be one never-ending collection of ‘Cooks’ determined to have their say and get priority for THEIR group and demands, and stuff any other group.

I’m not even going to TRY to take a representative quote, I’d have to copy the whole article!

But, the bottom line…

The current timetable for the work shows construction starting in summer 2020 with completion in spring 2022, although the programme may be subject to change depending on the nature of objections raised during consultation required to obtain a Traffic Regulation Order.

MAJOR Byres Road Revamp Won’t Be Finished For At Least Three Years

While all these ‘Cooks’ have their fun, the rest of just have to carry on cycling on the same old roads and routes, with the same problems they say exist on them.

Somebody should bang all their heads together, and force the word ‘compromise’ into them – there’s clearly enough space in there!

On that basis, I suspect few them actually use the roads as such, and just whine about what they think they see as problems, as they stand on the pavement and study their belly buttons passing traffic, without ever being part of it.

I have to ‘borrow’ one of the pics with the article as I’ve never take a pic of ‘just’ Byres Road – apart from the find of the now closed Nardini’s a few weeks ago.

I’ll have to rectify that.

Byres Road with cyclists Pic Credit reGlasgow

Byres Road with cyclists Pic Credit reGlasgow


Seems the wider media caught on to this a few days later.

But did have anything to say, just parroted off the plan without noticing the three-year timescale, or all the wailing and moaning that’s already gone on, and might add more years to that timescale if there are objections.

Cyclists and pedestrians are set to benefit from a £9m project to redesign Glasgow’s Byres Road.

Protected cycle lanes will be installed on both sides of the road, while pavements will be widened to make more room for pedestrians and public seating areas.

Meanwhile, the taxi rank at Hillhead Underground Station will be restricted to the hours between 6pm and 2am and a speed limit of 20mph will be enforced for the entire length of the road.

Bus stop bypasses – routing the cycle track behind the bus passenger boarding area to maintain the separation of cyclists and motor traffic – have also been included in the design.

Cycle paths and 20mph limit in £9m Byres Road revamp

Well, we’ll see.

I just hope I’ve got enough time left to see this one delivered, and get to try it one day.

Further update

The media seems determined to release news about this drip by drip.

I’m just adding this to the existing post rather than making another one…

Byres Road is to be transformed after Glasgow City Council approved a controversial £9million public realm project yesterday.

Funded by the Glasgow City Region Deal, plans will see the major west end street revamped to create a more attractive environment for those who live, work and shop in the area – with work to begin next summer.

Following a public consultation last year , a reduced speed limit of 20 miles per hour has been proposed along with additional seating, upgraded pathways and an improved cycle infrastructure to encourage people to walk and cycle.

Further measures revealed by the council include protected cycle lanes and bus stop bypasses to separate cyclists from motor traffic. There will also be drop bollards and kerbed segregation at the Hillhead Subway taxi rank.

Road space will be cut by around 30 per cent to make way for wider pedestrian areas and protected cycle lanes, with on-street car parking to be slashed from 117 to 42 bays. But after local firms raised concerns, the council confirmed they will consider increasing parking spaces in the wider west end area.

Carol Connolly, Head of City Deal at Glasgow City Council, said: “The new public realm at Byres Road will improve the experience of the area for all those who live there or use it for shopping, studying, or going out to eat and drink.

“Byres Road is one of the most popular destinations in the city for both Glaswegians and our visitors, and this public realm work will ensure it maintains this position.  The public consultation saw a wide range of views expressed, and the revised designs reflect this.”

Byres Road – controversial £9m redevelopment plans given green light by council


Completion is already THREE YEARS away in Spring 2022.

If those concerned keep on whining and seeking ‘perfection’, completion is more likely to be something like Spring 3032.

I’d like to try this one before I die!


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