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Online reviews are false – seems the same is true of comments

I’ve never understood why anybody puts any faith in online reviews.

Most read like promotional literature posted by the subject, and there are too many cases reported in the media where false material intended to harm a business (perhaps by someone seeking revenge) to make positive OR negative reviews trustworthy or believable.

See this recent article if you believe any online reviews (or believe I’m making this up 🙂 ): ‘Why I write fake online reviews’

And that’s before we even get to those business who beg for positive reports and 5-star reviews.

I recently bought some camera accessories online, and was about to post a pic of the note that came with them, begging for positive reviews and 5-star ratings for the items.

Two things meant I didn’t, firstly that it would have given the seller free publicity (not from me), and secondly that they told me NOT to give a review OR rating if it wasn’t going to be 5-star.

Sure, like I am going to do ANY of those things of ORDERED to by a seller!

So, how did ‘Comments’ end up being lumped in with reviews?

If you’ve read any items where I’ve mentioned the few articles that still appear after news articles in the media, you will probably have noticed that I now generally refer to the ‘Comments section’ as the ‘Morons section, and that I will mostly be referring to that section as it appears after articles published by The Scotsman.

The BBC still offers a few online items with comments open, and these are just about as moronic (probably the same people), but I seldom mother even looking, as their comment section is hidden by default, and needs to be clicked on to be made visible, and it’s not usually worth that amount of effort.

The most recent article was a genuinely useful and informative piece on the introduction of cycle spaces on buses.

You might be forgiven for thinking such a sensible move would be relatively free of adverse and moronic comments.


I’ve been forced to use the bus (or sit at home) for almost a month, and the commenters, sorry, morons, have clearly been locked indoors for a lot longer than that, and not been on any current buses – if they’ve even seen, let alone been ON a bus in the past twenty or thirty years.

According to the moron commenters, buses are dirty, drivers unhelpful, too busy racing between stops, don’t run on time or to schedule, and a nightmare for the disabled or anyone with a pram.

In fact, I’ve been shocked to find that I could set my watch by any of the buses I’ve used. In Glasgow, they run almost to the minute, and we have digital displays on our bus stops which countdown to the bus’ arrival.

The buses are new and clean (unless a drunk ned has been on recently).

Drivers stop and help disabled people (and people with prams) get on if needed, manually dropping a ramp to the pavement – if the kneeling bus cannot get close enough or kneel down far enough. There are special places for wheelchairs and prams to sit too. I’ve seen many people in powered wheelchairs get on and off the bus unaided, apart from that ramp, if needed.

There’s no rushing between stops. As noted above, the drivers run to a timetable, and often wait at stops, or just pull in for a minute, if it is quiet and they are early.

Apparently NONE of this happens in the world, or twisted mind, of the moron commenter.

Funny thing is, as I watched the prams and wheelchairs going on and off, the he only thing I began to wonder about was bikes on buses.

And then this story appeared a few days ago…

Here’s Scotland’s first bus you can wheel your bike onto

The story’s pretty much what you’d expect, with space and racking, and supports to suit bikes, similar to that in place already for wheelchairs and prams.

The real subject though, I suggest, is a look at the comment/moron section after it.

It’s hard to believe that some people have little more to do with their time than make up the rubbish and misinformation that fills most of this section.

It’s even sadder to see that some of them are mocking even the idea, and suggesting it is stupid to provide such paces on buses.

They really don’t get out enough, or have any contact with other people.


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