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The media loves warm weather, and this time it may be for real

After the ‘fun’ we had last year, when the Beast from the East kept making return trips, this year has been interesting as the chilly weather seemed to have take note, and kept on making similar returns. Nowhere near as cold of course, but continually teasing with a warm day, then a chilly one – just to catch people silly enough to go out in t-shirts and shorts after that one warm day.

I still regret not trying harder to get some pics, of people dressed like that, in the same scene as those still wrapped up in big jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves 🙂

There was a run of weather stories prediction how warm Glasgow (and may even Scotland) was going to be for Easter, and since I don’t subscribe to the view that the weatherfolk could not produce an accurate forecast if their lives depended on it, I expected the weather to change ‘overnight’.

Hot weather arrives in time for Easter weekend as Glasgow faces mini heatwave

Easter weather: Glasgow tops Malta today as heatwave brings hottest day of the year so far

Glasgow enjoys warmest day of year so far as Easter weekend weather breaks records

And they were right…

Scotland has had its warmest ever Easter Sunday, with temperatures reaching 23C.

Warm air from North Africa arrived on Friday and temperatures have continued to rise.

The heat has reached 23C at Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire, making it Scotland’s hottest Easter Sunday on record.

Scotland has warmest ever Easter Sunday as temperatures soar

Three of the UK’s nations have recorded their highest ever Easter Sunday temperatures, the Met Office has said.

Scotland’s peak was 23.4C (74F), in Edinburgh, while that same temperature was also the high point in Wales – coming in Cardiff.

Northern Ireland beat a 95-year-old record when the mercury hit 21C at Helen’s Bay near Bangor.

England’s highest temperature was 24.6C at Heathrow airport – just shy of the record of 25.3C.

Record Easter temperatures in three nations of the UK

Back in the real world, I’d like to note that this is does not reflect what happens indoors, as there’s a thermal lag in the fabric of a building, meaning it can lag days behind the external temperature.

At the moment, I’m ‘enjoying’ the weird experience of this rapid outdoor warmth mixed with indoor temperatures which can be 10°C behind the nice warm day outside.

Here’s the (my local outdoor) Max Min Avg for the past week.

April Max Min Ave

April Max Min Ave

And the indoor and outdoor actuals for the past month.

The most interesting things here are the sudden change in the pattern, and the regular max/min of the day/night temperatures.

At least the latter explains why I always think it’s freezing as I head out every morning – it is!

April Inside Outside Temps

April Inside Outside Temps

However, unlike the ‘warm’ spells of a few weeks ago, this graph shows a genuine rise now, so the chilly weather has gone.

For a few months.

It will be back.

Some take a little more convincing than a nice graph.

Warm Cat

Warm Cat

People are a little more trusting, and this was the first day the Sun came out.

First sunny Kelvingrove day

First sunny Kelvingrove day

I was quite concerned for this poor girl’s safety, lest she be attacked by the ‘Bikini Clad Army of Fat‘ which I had read about invading Glasgow a few days ago, and is apparently out to convince everyone that carrying around 20 stone of fat is beautiful, healthy, and normal.

Kelvingrove Lawn

Kelvingrove Lawn

What a shame place such as the asylums around Glasgow (Gartloch and Lennox Castle for example) were all closed, as there are clearly some people whose mental processes show they should be in them.

I’ll maybe listen to these disgusting women (and it always women) the day we get demands for similar legislation to stop people chasing ‘fat’ as some sort of ideal in the same these fatties have pursued legislation to stop people chasing ‘thin’.

Address BOTH.


Easter Monday carried on the trend.

Scotland has enjoyed its hottest Easter Monday on record with a top temperature of 24.2C (75.5F) in Kinlochewe in Wester Ross.

The figure beat the previous high of 21.4C (70.5F) from 2014.

It came 24 hours after a peak of 23.4C in Edinburgh broke Scotland’s Easter Sunday record.

This year, Easter fell on the latest date since 2011, meaning that warm weather is far more likely than those years when Easter is marked in March.
Image copyright PA
Image caption Six-year-old Brodie Tait cools down in a fountain in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens

The Met Office said all four of the UK nations had recorded their warmest Easter Monday on record.

Easter Monday temperature is new Scottish record

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