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Look at that smile

I sometime go for a quick wander while listening to the organ recitals at Kelvingrove, mainly to get a better view of the video displays relaying the performer’s feet and hands, particularly the pedal board, which can be interesting to watch.

I’d been standing beside a couple of tourists (why are they the quiet ones?) before changing sides on the balcony, and happened to look across at where I had been standing.

What a nice change from the usual babbling, sometime arguing, disinterested locals and their noisy brats who usually ruin whole sections of the recital, especially at the moment with the schools on holiday.

It’s almost a pity that the lights in the central hall have been switched off this week, as the Sun shines in, which makes the place a little darker than usual, and the poor old camera couldn’t quite cope with the marginal conditions.

Kelvingrove Smile

Kelvingrove Recital Smile

I probably smiled as much when I saw this video clip of a cat sleeping in a piano.

While it would be nice to have a Kelvingrove organ cat, I doubt even the cat would sleep through a performance if it was on the keyboard.

While the lowest notes don’t cause vibrations in the central hall, having been to a demo in the organ balcony, I now know the lowest notes are powerful enough to make the stone floor underfoot vibrate up there (well, the organ pipe do sit just behind the console).


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How long will Glasgow’s April heatwave last? Let me get that one, not long!

Our local media asked…

How long will Glasgow’s April heatwave last? Here’s the latest Met Office weather forecast

So, here’s the actual answer, by observation.

While I wasn’t able to get out during the day yesterday, I did have a quick look outside in the evening to try to catch up on some garden tidying.

I think that was a mistake.

It was, sadly, already back to ‘Chilly weather’.

It was not only freezing (again) but this was aggravated by a pretty stiff breeze supported by strong gusts, just to make sure it felt properly chilly.

It wasn’t my imagination either, as this pair of graphs from my records confirmed this morning.

We’re basically back to things as they were last week, with the possible advantage of NOT having the really cold nights as well.


Heatwave End 2

Heatwave End 2


Heatwave End 1

Heatwave End 1

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MUSTIO LOVE’S YOU – is that a good thing?


Graffiti promoting The Greengrocer’s Apostrophe now?

Mustio Love's You

Mustio Love’s You

I didn’t spot the aberrant apostrophe when I grabbed the pic, but it’s there.

I was more concerned about the meaning of the three ‘action lines’ behind Mustio’s butt.

What at they about? Has the poor mutant got a ‘gas’ problem?

More seriously, we need to help our poor, uneducated graffiti artists, and improve their grammar.

Maybe someone should start a petition to have a free course laid on for them, to avoid them being embarrassed by making mistakes like this, and embarrassing Glasgow too, when tourists see how lacking our schools and education system are.

After all, we know the psychologists and social worker will confirm that being laughed at for making such a basic error could scar them mentally for the rest of their lives.

Someone, maybe like MP Paul Sweeney, noted for supporting worthy and important causes, getting his name in the papers, making stuff up, and raising petitions in Glasgow at the drop of a hat, should start one 😉

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Mice will try anything to avoid my traps

Had to include this one.

I still haven’t caught or seen a mouse for ages, after the spell of regular arrivals I was suffering a while ago.

I’m not complaining – just hoping it’s not because the rats are eating them.

Or they’re evolving, and getting clever enough to EARN their survival like this one…

Trail Camera Catches Mouse Secretly Cleaning Man’s Shed Every Night

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Still no love for corporate futurists

It’s hard for me to describe the dislike, or just simple contempt, I have for futurists, or more specifically corporate futurists.

Seems they get paid a small fortune as big companies pay them to use their alleged skills to predict what the ‘Next Big Thing’ will be, and what people will want to buy in the future.

The only problems with this is that it gives these people the opportunity to promote their own daft ideas, not necessarily based on actual future trends 0 unless companies are smart enough to use independent analysis.

If you ever think that some stories predicting some crazy (in your opinion) ideas for future products were dreamed up by people with questionable motives, you’re probably right, and they’re down to corporate futurists, more interested in pleasing their masters, and protecting a lucrative payment plan, effectively paying them sacks of cash. And being predictions, they don’t even have to be right.

It’s not new, although the amount of money they can command is, as companies and their global markets have grown, so being first with an innovation that people flock to become more important to their survival.

Here’s a nice gallery of old futurist ramblings.

There’s a lot in there, but one example.

I picked this one as real circular runways have been proposed, however the present day proposal is sensible compared to this old idea, which probably never had any sort of practical review before it was drawn up and published.

You can just feel the class action lawsuits being raised as people are crushed in this rocket powered centrifuge! 🙂

Click for bigger.

Circle Runways

Circle Runways


I KNEW that futurologistic circle runway idea reminded me of something I’d seen before.

And there’s even video 😉

Like the comment said “What could go wrong?”.

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