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Spare a thought for the old Open University TV programmes

I’ve no idea when I started watching them, but I really enjoyed the Open University programmes/lectures broadcast at odd times on BBC2.

I missed them when they went off-air too, even if they were ancient B&W productions, the subjects they covered didn’t change over time. Apparently that end came in 2006.

The Maths 101 stuff even helped when my head decided to give up on this subject at one point, and I went from understanding the stuff to barely being able to pass an exam – I still don’t know what went wrong.

I did pass the exams, eventually, and at the last permitted attempt, but it wasn’t good.

Not sure if it’s a pity the material those programmes covered moved to alternative distribution methods – I’d probably still be watching them today!

The Open University marks 50 years since its inception

Open University: Photos issued to mark 50th anniversary

Open University cult viewing

Open University cult viewing

Although I’ve managed to avoid doing this, as I might get hooked, you can search on YouTube and find a number of OU programmes have been made a available there.

Now, what was the title of that Maths 101 series?


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