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Well, I TRIED to warn you about Dumb and Dumber Deer

Nice of officialdom to map out the places where dumb deer will try to kill you.

Deer hotspots highlighted in warning to Glasgow drivers

And the number… the numbers are alarming.

Deer really are thicker than two short planks, and dangerous.

It’s almost funny that the article refers to “If you hit a deer”, since their behaviour and the way they’ll bolt out of cover from the side of the road makes the reality more likely to be that one of them will hit you.

Still, it’s worth taking note of most of the advice offered in this article, but maybe not so much where it suggests drivers hit deer.

And not just drivers are at risk from these idiots. See this video.

Deer attacks innocent cyclist

Fortunately, another cyclist missed being totalled by a deer – as it totalled itself by colliding with a car!

Yes folks, again, the deer hit the car, not vice versa. See this video, and some pics.

Deer, best avoided

Deer Danger

Deer Danger


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