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You want cat’s pyjamas? We HAVE Cat’s Pyjamas

You’ll have to go to Helensburgh though.

And it might not be quite what you had in mind.

Helensburgh Cats Pyjamas

Helensburgh Cats Pyjamas

I wonder if the ‘Bikini clad army of fat’ dragged (or wheeled, if somebody loaned them some wheelbarrows) their slug-like selves there, and protested outside the shop?

Helensburgh Cats Pyjamas shop

Helensburgh Cats Pyjamas shop

I’ll stick with…

Wild Cat Friday

It’s probably safer.

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The Sun shines on John Logie Baird (while it rains in Glasgow)

I see some Glasgow media is already posting material regarding the sad memory of four days of ‘heatwave’ enjoyed here recently, filling space in their pages by just rerunning all the stuff they published a few days ago. Not bad if your staff are stuck for something new ūüėČ

Yesterday did, however, prove interesting, and when I got up, the morning weather suggested a great day was on its way – I should, of course, have known better.

While it was sunny and warm, and almost tempted me to use the bike instead of the bus, I got lucky as I had to use the bus as I was headed further out later in the day.

I’d have been fairly upset had I been cycling. After being stuck indoors until just after lunchtime, when I emerged, no Sun at all, and the rain was back. Perhaps not chucking it down, but not just a quick shower, and not looking as if was about to stop.

Slow forward (the bus to Helensburgh is anything but rapid), and for once I’m glad to be at the seaside – it’s not raining there, the streets are dry, and the Sun is shining. I’m a Glaswegian at the seaside – I EXPECT to be rained on there, and be blown over by the wind!

In case you think I was imagining the nice weather, here’s the memorial sculpture installed in memory of the town’s local hero, John Logie Baird.

I’ve not seen much, but I’m pretty sure that’s sunlight shining on it, and even casting a shadow ūüôā

The bust is on West Clyde Street at William Street.

Just for the record, when I got back into Glasgow in the evening, I got soaked as I walked home, so I really did spend the middle of the day in the right place.

John Logie Baird bust Helensburgh

John Logie Baird bust Helensburgh


John Logie Baird bust Helensburgh

John Logie Baird bust Helensburgh

I should have collected the plaques on the other sides of the column.

Guess that’s a ready-made reason to go back.

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New painting on show in Kelvingrove

I spotted this painting recently, but didn’t realise the story behind it.

A new painting has gone on display in Glasgow today.

The huge painting by Glasgow artist Victoria Morton, entitled Soliton, is the ninetieth artwork of international importance gifted to Glasgow Museums since 1927.

A second work by the same artist also acquired in 2018, Photosynthesis, will rotate with Soliton after three years.

The large, vibrant canvas is likely to appeal to a broad audience and is on display on the south stairs at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The prominent location off the main hall was chosen by the artist, who fondly recalls sketching in the museum while studying at secondary school.

The artwork’s proximity to the organ is very appropriate, her paintings relating closely to music and composition.

New painting acquired for Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum goes on display today

Kelvingrove displays Soliton by Victoria Morton

Kelvingrove displays Soliton by Victoria Morton


Kelvingrove Plaque Soliton

Kelvingrove Plaque Soliton

I guess I’m missing the gene that appreciates this particular style, and I’m not someone who doesn’t appreciate abstract works.

But, I do suffer from the ‘perfectionist’ gene (should I refer to that as some sort of OCD nowadays, to be ‘correct’), and rather than appreciate works in this style, find my eye drawn to, and concentration on, areas where the artist appears to have simply allowed the paint to run down the canvas.

I know that probably marks me as a terrible person and an artistic moron, but that’s just me and my genes.

Here’s a slightly larger view, so you can see a bit more detail not visible in the context view above.

Click for bigger.

Kelvngrove Soliton Larger

Kelvngrove Soliton Larger

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Today is Hairball Awareness Day

26 April is Hairball Awareness Day this year (2019).

Another ‘wandering’ day, this falls on the last Friday of April.

While some may consider cats to be purrfect, lots of personal grooming is required to keep their beautiful, regal, exquisite, superior, etc etc look.

Newborn kittens get groomed to within an inch of their by enthusiastic mother cats, and personal hygiene becomes ingrained as part of their daily routine, ranking above everything except food.

Inevitably, all that effort mean loose fur has to go somewhere, and sooner or later, in a most unbecoming way, the haughty, dignified feline will hack up a hairball.

If you’re new to cats and have NEVER seen this, then the first time can be alarming – for YOU!

But after that, you can laugh – yes, you can, since you’re also going to be the one that inevitably stands on a cold, wet, hairball while wandering around the house at night, in the dark.

Hairball Awareness Day is an opportunity to become aware of the phenomenon, and to practice preventative measures to help your little furball through that nasty process.

Groom them regularly with a pet brush to help reduce the amount of fur being ingested. Ask the vet about diet too, as some treats are said to be able to promote the passage of hair through the stomach, instead of just building up all the time, and keeping their coat in good condition helps too, as that mean less lost fur.

Also, be aware that while occasional hairballs are a hazard to be expected, frequent hairballs could indicate a problem.




Too good to miss.

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