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Somebody should start a ‘Fix George Square webcam lighting’ petition

I wonder why none of the people who like to do such things haven’t seen fit to start a petition to have an offending light in George Square fixed?

The thing has a been a pain for ages, especially when it was getting dark earlier, before we moved the clocks.

One of the square’s pole mounted floodlights is shining right into the George Square webcam, with the result that once it gets dark, the glare from this light blows most of the webcam image away, and the view is almost completely lost until the lights go off.

Like this…

George Square webcam glare

George Square webcam glare

George Square Webcam

I’ve contacted them a few times, using the contact form on the webcam page.

But, since the light is still blinding the cam after some months have passed since I mentioned it for the first time, it looks as if nobody is bothering.

It’s hardly a big job, and there are council workers around the square with cherry-pickers now and then, carrying out other maintenance.


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