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Clutha inquiry S02

This week…

Clutha helicopter crash pilot was ‘stickler for procedure’

Clutha Inquiry: Clutha pilot had previous fuel warning light

The BBC seems to have a ‘boilerplate’ of material repeating the event and consequences each time it runs an article.

Interesting to see that The Scotsman had an article which reported in detail on the exclusion of water causing a problem, or emulsifying in the fuel.

Investigators ruled out the prospect that emulsified fuel in the helicopter involved in the Clutha disaster caused a drift in its fuel sensor readings, given no water was found in the aircraft’s tanks, a court has heard.

Fuel theory ruled out, Clutha inquiry hears

The Clutha’s always busy when I pass.

I always wonder how many in the nice new ‘Beer Garden’ that was bashed through the wall and memorial mural are locals, and how many are tourists, with no idea of what happened there.

Click for bigger.

The Clutha Bar 2019

The Clutha Bar 2019

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Mackintosh Building S40

Back in Mackintosh Building S37 I tried to catch the remaining features of the o2abc, a place I’d never even noticed, and was amazed to find was popular. So, I obviously have no life (in the eyes of some).

At the time, street access was still limited and I couldn’t get near enough for a façade pic taken looking west.

The street is gradually clearing, and I was able to add the missing view to the collection.

Click for bigger.

Sauchiehall Street O2 Looking West

Sauchiehall Street O2 Looking West

Notre Dame

I still find it interesting to compare the miserable reaction of some Scots and Glaswegians immediately after the Mackintosh fire, and the open hostility to the building, its potential restoration, and the raising of funds, with the haters not wanting to see a penny of any public money spent on it, and others calling for the remains to be razed to make space for something ‘useful’ instead.

Rather different from the response on the Continent after the fire damage to Notre Dame, where they seem to have been showered with so much money for rebuilding that they might have TOO MUCH!

Of course, the people who are happiest when they are miserable are pitching in as well, arguing the money should go elsewhere (maybe they are Glaswegians, spreading their ‘joy’ around the world)

Since the fire that tore through Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last week, donations have been pouring in from across the world to restore the structure to its former glory.

Ordinary people and billionaires have pledged at least €750m (£650m; $835m) in the 10 days after the main spire and roof of the building collapsed in a huge fire on 15 April.

One early estimate by French construction economists suggests that the donations may far surpass the cost of repairs.

Amid the wave of goodwill and generosity, critics have argued that the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

But those collecting money for the repairs are urging people to keep donating, saying a price cannot yet be put on the work.

“We should not tell people to stop donating as we still don’t know how much it is going to cost,” said Laurence Lévy of French heritage group Fondation du Patrimoine.

Notre-Dame fire: Has too much money been given to rebuild it?

Man with big money bag

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Concrete lump is shrinking – slowly

I mentioned a concrete lump resisting demolition in Dumbarton Road, near the Pontecorvo Building.

A bit of the Western Infirmary, which is slowly being erased from its former site (other than some listed buildings, I think).

The pic there was taking during mid-March, although not posted until April.

The lump of concrete and rebar is finally showing evidence of shrinking, and a few days I noticed it had gone to about half the height it had when first noticed.

Dumbarton Road concrete demolition

Dumbarton Road concrete demolition

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Seems I caused the ‘Commentator Effect’ on the Chapel webcam

I mentioned discovering the webcam in the Glasgow University Memorial Chapel recently, which provides an interesting view.

About a week later I found a wedding underway when I look.

Sad to say, it looks as my posting about some things has the same effect on them as Murray Walker’s “Commentator’s Curse” – when he said someone was a lap away from winning a Grand Prix they had let for 50-odd laps, their engine would explode, their tyres burst spontaneously, or they’d just drive off the track and crash for no apparent reason.

After mentioning the webcam again, after seeing that wedding really to happen in the Chapel – the feed went black… and has stayed that way for a week so far.

Sorry 😦

I went for a walk to the Chapel, to see if there were any signs or new notices about the webcam, but there was nothing, and nobody around at the time either.

I’d also taken the walk in case the super bright metal halide lights I mentioned in the first post were not lit – something I’d seen via the webcam on some days.

Unfortunately, these lights were lit, destroying any chance of seeing past them through their blinding glare.

I’d like a decent pic of the organ loft, but as you can see below, even having the lights out of frame still has too much light spill, and the dark loft area is still mostly obscured.

Ah well, maybe next time, a little higher still.

Meanwhile, a lot of fiddling with levels etc recovered this.

Memorial Chapel organ loft

Memorial Chapel organ loft

There are descriptive plaques identifying the various parts of the interior, near the doors, but I can barely read them (the light doesn’t reach), so grabbed a pic of the organ section.

Memorial Chapel descriptive plaque

Memorial Chapel descriptive plaque

I was curious about where the webcams were located, so had a look at the likely spots as estimated from the views I’d seen earlier.

There’s one above the altar, to the side of the central carved figure (sorry, I did look, but the name has slipped my mind, and I’m not going to assume or guess). However, I am assuming the webcam to be the pan/tilt module to the right of the figure. The more obvious white unit to the left appears to be a motion/presence detector.

You get the bonus view of some of the stunning stained-glass which can be seen in the Chapel.

Memorial Chapel altar webcam

Memorial Chapel altar webcam

A similar unit was found mounted around the right place in the window above the aisle.

While a similar detector is more obvious, the camera is almost lost in the darkness – it can be seen in the bottom left corner, where I’ve boosted the brightness to pick it out.

Oh, and some more stained-glass 🙂

Memorial Chapel aisle webcam

Memorial Chapel aisle webcam

I hope someone remembers they turned the feed off, or fixes it if there’s been a failure,

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