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There’s still a Yoker/Renfrew ferry

I keep thinking the ferry between Yoker and Renfrew came to an end years ago, but it does actually still run today.

It’s usually referred to as the Renfrew Ferry, but since I was at the Yoker terminal, it seems only fair to mention it.

I think I saw some news stories about the ending of the subsidy on the loss-making route back in 2010 and, since I’m nowhere near it, didn’t catch the follow-up story until much later, when it was taken over by a private company, and had been operating that way ever since.

Maybe now that I have actually SEEN the ferry in operation, I will not forget it’s still there and it’s still running.

I came across it while wandering along Dumbarton Road, and spotted a side street with the name ‘Yoker Ferry Road’, which meant I had to go down it.

Sure enough, there was a tiny wee ferry out in the middle of the River Clyde.

Click for bigger.

Yoker Renfrew Ferry

Yoker Renfrew Ferry on the River Clyde

Damned mobile phones, even in the middle of the river!

It’s a wonder the zombies didn’t fall overboard.

Renfrew Ferry phone zombies

Renfrew Ferry phone zombies

There are two ferry vessels, and this closer look at the arrival of the one seen above gives a chance to see the other out of the water.

They look like aluminium craft, and they are, so must be pretty light and easy to lift. The shape also means they’re easy to land.

Conventional hulls usually need to be slung (and then propped on land), and I’ve seen that procedure doesn’t always go well, if the vessel is not perfectly balanced, and begins to rotate along its length – there’s no stopping it once it starts.

Renfrew ferries

Renfrew ferries


The Renfrew Ferry has a Twitter account, keeping travellers up to date with disruptions – and some interesting pics too 🙂

Renfrew Ferry Twitter account

There is a normal web site, with timetable details.

BUT… under ‘Fares & Prices’ (I was curious) there’s – nothing! Well, just a note that Zone Cards are accepted.

Travel Information Renfrew – Yoker

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