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More info suggests ‘Bus stop collision conspiracy’ might not be

I thought I’d collect a pic of the front of yesterday’s ‘featured’ car, just to show it was damaged since it was visible in that pic, but not obvious.

2011 Vauxhal Corsa [SH11 GVR]

2011 Vauxhal Corsa [SH11 GVR]

But the real interest was something I spotted as I stoated (now I’ve lost those who don’t speak Glaswegian) aff the bus later in the day.

The first thing I noticed from that position was some dreadful parking.

I seriously simply cannot understand how anybody can do this, and just leave. I couldn’t. Ever!

If they don’t know they’ve done it, and it should be obvious, then they should lose their licence as they are danger to others.

At least it’s not underinflated – I’ve seen a lot of cars parked like this with tyres that severely underinflated, and the sidewall is trapped and crushed between the wheel rim and the kerb. That’s got to be blowout/failure in the making.

Risky parking tyre stress

Risky parking tyre stress

However, things got more interesting as I collected myself and realised the car the tyre was fitted to was familiar, seen recently in Oops! Was that there when I went out?

Same car, looking brand new and in the same place as spotted before.

Not hard to remember that registration.

Nice and shiny from the body shop – and being abused.

2017 Toyota Yaris [E1 HYP]

2017 Toyota Yaris [E1 HYP]

So, I guess this maybe (but not necessarily) busts my thoughts about some odd accidents happening here.

The red car might have been dropped here after being recovered.

Granted, unlikely. A recovery would usually drop the job at the body shop.

But it might explain why I didn’t see it a few hours earlier, if it simply wasn’t there.

What I didn’t notice, or look for, was wreckage on the ground, as could be seen around the white car.

Oh well…

I suppose I’ll just have to watch for any more wrecks appearing.

I did arrive very early for the bus today, and watch quite a lot of cars using this junction.

Not one of them suggested any obvious ‘misjudgment’ that would give offside corners collision damage, so that’s something else I might keep watching.

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