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I should have stayed in bed (but even that threw me out) today

Today didn’t start well, and spent a fair amount of time going downhill after that.

A bit of history is needed – I had some problems with beds recently, and dumped three that failed last year. Rather than just dispose of them, I took them apart, which was enlightening. The cheapest was almost the same inside as the most expensive fancy brand name! The expensive was really just made of better exterior fabrics, but the metalwork and padding inside all looked much the same.

I mentioned my problems during a conversation, and was told to give up on conventional mattresses and buy an airbed. My advisor suggested they thought they great, AND could be adjusted quickly to be soft/firm/hard as desired.

Since I had to get something, and there was a sale of airbeds in one of the big stores nearby, I decided to give it a try.

Long story short…

So far, FOUR have developed leaks after about 6 weeks, not punctures. Two failed in the same place in the centre of a panel, and two failed in the same place at an edge seam.

None of the failures responded to being patched. They are supplied with patches, but they just don’t work.

The one I had been using, until this morning, failed in the middle of the main panel, losing pressure during the night. Supposedly better than those that have a series of cells across their length and width, this one has internal webs the hold tension when the bed is inflated, but are loose otherwise.

When I woke up, I must have been dead centre – as soon as I turned over to look at the clock, all the remaining air moved to one side, and was deposited on the floor as the side with no air collapsed completely!

No falling at least, as the base is part of the airbed and inflates (and deflates!) with it.

Oh well, I wasn’t going to have long lie anyway.

Next, worst bus journey(s) – so far.

Heading for the west end, the bus picked FOUR drunks between Shettleston and Parkhead – it was more like 12 midnight than 12 lunchtime.

One of them brought the bus to halt for a while as he tried to get change of a £5 note to pay for his fare.

Another started shouting about getting the effing bus moving because he ‘Had an appointment!’

When he eventually got change he joined the three at the back, and they had a nice wee Buckfast session – what a stink!

Oh, didn’t I say, I was sitting near the back of the bus (as the able bodies are asked).

Suitably fuelled, ‘£5 change’ then tried to get witnesses to the fact that the driver moved the bus before he sat down, and he was going to sue because he had a bad back.

By then, we’d reached the city centre, my ears and nose had enough, the drunks were talking about beating up the driver – and I was off the bus (next one is only a few minutes behind at this time of day).

The drunks actually begged me ‘Not to get off because of them’ when I got up.

Today was bad for bus journeys.

Next up was some poor woman with seven kids (I’m no good at ages, say around five years just as a wild guess). Four were little girls, who all the most important things in the world to talk about, and since they all wanted to do it at the same time – they basically all told their tales at the top of their voices.

Same bus – two more kids up the back, these were younger, and while they couldn’t talk, were both compelled to shout the same nonsense ‘words’ over and over a loud as they could, and not amount of ‘shush’ from mum made any difference.

I honestly don’t know how I did not arrive back home with a splitting headache.

Since I couldn’t find a pic online that combined the above (drunk mum using Buckfast to quieten screaming kids), I thought this would do instead. Seems someone has been thinking about this.

Could maybe have used an airbed pic, but how would you know the kids were inside?

Wal-mart condoms

I was testing some ear buds and music players the day before.

Wished I’d had them today.

The buds would have been fine on their own, just to jam in my ears!

And now I have to organise ANOTHER bed if I want to sleep tonight. (Oh look,  I see a nice comfy sofa).

Will the fun ever stop?

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