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St Simon’s church (the one that was vandalised)

After the depressing story regarding the vandalism at St Simon’s Church in Partick Bridge Street (which I noted took place at the same time as I was rummaging around the Salvation Army shop in Dumbarton Road, only a few metres away), since I’d never ventured down that particular street (even though I’ve passed the end of it regularly), I thought I really should go down and take a few pics.

I found the church has a presbytery attached, to the left.

Partick Bridge Street St Simon's Church

Partick Bridge Street St Simon’s Church

As noted previously, World War II saw this church become known as the Polish Church:

In front of church there is a Memorial Stone in Polish which translates:

During the second World War Polish soldiers on leave from the battlefields came to this church to attend Mass together to hear the word of God in their native tongue, to sing their Polish hymns, and to thank Our Lady, Queen of Poland, for this touch of home the Polish community of Glasgow has. Through the years they felt deeply grateful to Father Patrick Tierney for the privilege he has accorded them of celebrating the Polish Mass in this Church and for the many kindnesses received from him and the parishioners.

and in English:  “I was a stranger and you took me in”  Matthew 25:35

VII Niedziela Wielkanocna 31 Maja 1992 DLA Upamietnienia X Rocznicy Kiedy W TYM Miescie BYL Jan Pawel II

Find more history here

St Simon's Memorial Stone

St Simon’s Memorial Stone

Another plaque lies adjacent to this memorial, and features a prominent Polish eagle.

I couldn’t find any reference for this.

St Simon's Plaque

St Simon’s Plaque

The presbytery to the left provided one further detail.

St Simon's Presbytery

St Simon’s Presbytery

When I referred to the listing for this site, the niche in the presbytery was referred to as ’empty’.

It’s not empty now, and the out-of-date reference probably also explains why this statue looks brand new.

St Simon's Church Presbytery Statue

St Simon’s Church Presbytery Statue

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest St Simon (I assume this statue portrays the church’s namesake) has some distinctly Polish features 🙂

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