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Kelvingrove repairs continue – and an unusual bonus view

The size of the repair job for Kelvingrove’s failed cornice is growing.

There’s more stuff there now, and the previous view is obscured by plastic sheeting.

Probably won’t be much to see until the job is done, and the screening is removed.

Kelvingrove Cornice Repair

Kelvingrove Cornice Repair

An unusual view was noted

I noticed something I haven’t seen for weeks.

The visitors standing in the central hall were nearly ALL watching the organist.

Since Dippy occupied the hall, the seating that was laid out for visitors was removed, as was the café (temporarily relocated upstairs).

During recitals, the hall has generally been taken over by mobs of schoolkids (large and small varieties), and people ogling Dippy.

During one of the breaks in the recital I happened to look down, and suffered a “What’w wrong with this pic (or view)” moment,

There were no kids rolling around on the floor, or thronged masses of schoolchildren milling around the dinosaur.

Just people standing and watching the organist.

This was such a break from the usual scene I didn’t realise it at first, so I didn’t think to take a pic until later, when there were fewer people.

This was as wide a shot I could take, and missed all those standing at the entrance to the right. Sorry, but I wasn’t wandering off to one of the ends of the hall during what was a very good recital.

Kelvingrove Adult Visitors

Kelvingrove Adult Visitors

Recently, this would have been the more likely view.

It’s interesting – I noticed that last year, if parents and children did this then, staff would approach and gently shoo them off the central area and into the side. There was no hassle or confrontation, and nobody seemed to object.

That seems to have ended, and this sort of ‘picnic view’ is now common.

Kelvingrove Family Visitors

Kelvingrove Family Visitors

I was wondering if there was maybe a midget secreted in that pushchair, casually left against the ‘Donation’ box.

These days, I wouldn’t put it past someone to organise something like that, and be using a piece of bent wire to fish out fivers and tenners (or a magnet for coins, since they became ferrous) whenever attention was diverted elsewhere 🙂

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