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Kinloch Castle plans

One of the buildings which remains very much in the ‘At Risk’ category is still managing to attract support from those who don’t want to see it lost.

That’s in notable contrast to the now usual gathering of ‘Morons United’ in The Scotsman’s comments section after the article.

There, it’s the usual collection of naysayers and those who just want to destroy anything that doesn’t fit into their tiny moronic little world.

I imagine they have the same minds as the current crop of ‘declutterers’ – people who charge YOU by the hour simply to tell you what to throw out (of your own ‘stuff’)to make your house tidier.

Multi-million pound bid to save Scots castle from ruin

Kinloch Castle

Kinloch Castle © Ashley Dace via geograph


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There goes Dippy (and Leonardo)

Just quickly, an automatically created panorama of Dippy’s last hour (at 16:00) in Kelvingrove.

I don’t usually use this as the result is ‘mushy’ at best (and it’s quite dark in Kelvingrove), but since I have plenty of decent pics, why not?

Click for bigger.

Dippy end pano

Dippy end pano

The Leonardo da Vinci sketch exhibition also ended today.

As there are plenty of pics of the sketches (and that room was REALLY dark to prevent light damage to the originals), here’s the crowd one hour from the absolute end of this one too.

Leonardo end pic

Leonardo end pic

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Oops – more crumbly Kelvingrove spotted

After being alerted to some crumbling plaster work in Kelvingrove, I chanced across another little problem when reviewing some pics of the organ.

Since this was nothing more than a shadow in the background, I had to take a proper shot of the same spot to find out if I imagined it, or there really was something there.

This is virtually invisible from the usual viewpoint of the main gallery floor as it lies behind a raised border, but if you know it’s there, it can be spotted from the balcony.

Regulars should be able to find the spot from the clue given by the organ cherub.

Crumbly Kelvingrove

Crumbly Kelvingrove

Probably caused by a water leak from the roof – just like my house.

I’m amazed I haven’t noticed it before – or maybe not, given it’s slightly hidden location, almost in the shadows, and my attention usually being on the organ’s façade anyway.

The thing that worries me more is the floor damage caused by all the visitor footfalls.

I’ve never counted, but I think there is a slightly alarming number of (marble?) floor tiles which are now held down by ‘duct tape’, to stop them from moving, being lifted, or becoming a trip hazard. Quite a few click and move underfoot when stepped on.

I’m NOT complaining, lest this note be misinterpreted.

But, a million visitors coming to see a dinosaur in four months do have a cost.

If you have time, it can be fascinating to wander around the building and spot damage from past alteration, and little slips – it is a century old building after all, so has suffered at the hands of the unthinking, and the odd little ‘accident’.

Kelvingrove Floor Tape

Kelvingrove Floor Tape

Shortly after I took the pic above, a brat little kid decided it would be his life’s work to get hold of the piece of loose tile in the centre of this tape. He succeeded before ’embarrassed parent’ noticed and tried to quietly recover and refit the fragment – an impossible task of course, since the tape had fallen into the gap, and filled the space around the edge, meaning the part couldn’t simply drop back into the space it had occupied a few minutes earlier.

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