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Headless dinosaur haunts Kelvingrove

Also tailless, and footless!

Today was almost a total failure as I couldn’t get out earlier, but somehow got lucky later. I’d have stayed in but for the fact that I was REALLY laid up when Dippy arrived, and after taking what amounted to ONE pic of the empty area prepared for the display, the next pic I was able to get was after the exhibition had started (and I had forgotten all about it – only being reminded as I made the effort to get to an organ recital).

So, since I almost missed the first day of removal, I dragged myself in for a look.

They’re nor hanging about!

Dippy’s lost his head…

Headless Dippy

Headless Dippy

And his tail…

Tailless Dippy

Tailless Dippy

And his feet…

Footless Dippy

Footless Dippy

If you look closely, you’ll see all the little ‘bits’ have been removed too.

A side view of the (not) head, just because Rossetti’s Regina Cordium is in the background.

Headless Dippy

Headless Dippy

An overall look at things.

Dippy Dismantle

Dippy Dismantle

If you were wondering, yes, they do this work carefully, and keep records.

Dippy Tracking

Dippy Tracking

There was one interesting point I didn’t get a pic of – the Scottish Wildlife Gallery is currently closed to visitors to provide access for the crew seen above.

I noticed that the closure signs didn’t stop one group of tourists heaving the closed door in the wooden screening aside to get in.

I made myself scarce – I always seem to be too near to such things, and get approached by ‘Security’ when they arrive, so now just discretely ‘melt away’ into the distance.


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