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Ride reversal – brings mural surprises

Trying to get back on the bike after a bit of enforced avoidance, I had a go at reversing my usual route into Glasgow, just to break the routine and habits.

Not necessarily a good idea, but it makes you think as a number of cycle paths/routes only work in one direction, meaning you have to think and plan if riding them the opposite way to usual, or you end up on normal roads. Some of those are best avoided in some busy and narrow parts of Glasgow city.

But it does bring the odd surprise.

While I found the sad replacement for the red mutant a while ago, I knew this ‘face’ had appeared in quite a few places, just not any I saw, or so I thought. I thought they were all the same too, but this pair shows that’s not so, and there are differences.

Turns out I’d been passing this one for ages, but it’s not visible from my usual direction of travel, but was staring back at me when I went the other way.

It’s not the only piece of unseen art that the change let me see, but the others will take longer to pull together.

Road Support Face Mural

Road Support Face Mural

The ‘Red Mutant’ replacement – was not even red!

Anderston Red Mutant Replacement

Anderston Red Mutant Replacement

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