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Tempted fate with Dippy – failed!

I made a mistake the other day, when I anticipated catching the dismantling of Dippy.

I got knocked out of circulation a few hours later, and couldn’t get back.

Extremely ticked off by things out of my control, I dragged myself there on the last planned day of the teardown, just to see if there was anything left to see.

Not much, just the display stand. All the rest had been efficiently removed.

They did say they would be finished by the 10th, and it seems they were.

Oh well – that’s what I get for planning to be there.

One pic, which I thought I’d play with.

Dippy clearance

Dippy clearance

Since pics taken from the balcony inevitably suffer perspective distortion, but it’s not really noticeable, I thought I’d try correcting the verticals, just to see if it looked better.

Dippy clearance corrected

Dippy clearance corrected

Since this wasn’t preplanned, I didn’y have the extra shots to fill in the black spaces, so this was really ‘Just for fun’.


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