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Don’t see many £3,198 bikes in the east end

It took me a while to track down a bike I spotted in the west end yesterday, and longer to recover after I saw the price!

Probably the most surprising thing was the casual way the owner just left it standing free in Dumbarton Road, not secured to a bike stand, or anything.

Although there was a folding lock around the back wheel and frame, and this make of bike has built-in security, that’s not going to stop the average moronic bike thief from just lifting a free-standing bike left outside a shop, not secured any sort of fixed support.

They’ll steal it first, then bin/strip/scrap it if they can’t ride it, or break anything that locks it.


I grabbed a very quick pic due to the unusual appearance, then, while my back was turned, the owner came out of the shop and released it, and rode away before I could spot the name, or get a decent pic.

Fortunately, I was able to enhance the pic, and get enough of the letters of the name to track it down.

Would you believe VanMoof?

Click on the name to go to the English language version of the maker’s web site.

I’m not going to repeat all the claims and specs, you’ll find them there complete with prices.

I should add it’s an electric bike, not immediately obvious, but betrayed by the front hub (assuming I spotted the correct style).

Currently, £3,198 but with a limited time offer of £800 off for early birds, making it an absolute ‘bargain’ for a mere £2,398 🙂

There is a non-electric version, around a grand or so, depending on options.

No wonder the owner was shopping in a charity shop!

With max discount on my bike, I could have a fleet of TEN for that.

To put the VanMoof (and much more expensive pedal bikes into perspective) consider the price of a new motorbike, and what you’re getting for your money in each case.



Levity aside, interesting to see something different.




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