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What do they do in Kelvingrove when I’m not looking?

While there are occasional events hosted in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which appear in event listings, for example, Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2019 – Preview Evening 17th May 2019 The Marquee at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, there are others that don’t get listed publicly.

But for the venue being given as ‘The Marquee’, I was about to assume that the main building was being kitted out with lighting gantries and other fixtures for that very event (which is Ticket Only).

I had a look at the list of things taking place there, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else imminent.

I’m just nosey, and don’t like to hassle the staff – who generally don’t know about such things anyway, or are just being discreet.

Anyway, this was the gantry I spotted today, and the LED Par Can and wiring harness I was playing foot hockey with at lunchtime. These were stashed behind all the balcony pillars.

Kelvingrove Theatre Lighting Gantry

Kelvingrove Theatre Lighting Gantry

No sign of DMX control – maybe that’s coming, or they’re just using them for straight lighting.

Kelvingrove Extra LED Par Can Plus Wiring

Kelvingrove Extra LED Par Can Plus Wiring


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