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A little Glasgow park tour

Heading home last night, I started reflecting on the difference between parks in the west end, and parks in the east end.

I’d decided to make a detour through Kelvingrove Park, just to depress myself as it’s so much more fun there than in any of my local parks.

Just to be clear, apart from Tollcross, they don’t even rate a mention or a pic, since the only ‘interesting’ thing you’re likely to see in the parks on my doorstep is people with their hand in dog poo – at least they have that hand in a plastic bag as they pick it up, even if some of them think it’s acceptable to then chuck the back into the nearest garden, or hang from branches at the side of the path. My neighbour recently had to box off the rear of a street electrical box against the wall of his house, as the dog walkers just threw the bags of crap down the back rather than into the bin provided only 2 metres away.

When I arrived, I thought I might get the chance to shoot some rare (for me) video. The girl in black was giving a hula hoop performance, backed by some Turkish sounding music.

But, by the time I stopped and got back – she was done, and all I managed was a couple of stills.

Kelvingrove Park fun 1

Kelvingrove Park fun 1


Kelvingrove Park fun 2

Kelvingrove Park fun 2

While it’s always easy to get a crowded pic of the hill just behind the above, on a sunny day, I walked along a bit, and took a pic towards the fountain. Not so busy, but still pretty busy. You find out how busy as you cycle through, and avoid the cyclists who still try to speed through the place.

Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Park

Next stop on the tour was Glasgow Green.

I was surprised at how few people were there on such a nice day. I’ve seen it much busier on less sunny or warm days.

It seems you need an event there to bring the people out – on the other hand, it’s a lot better like this, rather than being like sardines.

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green

Last mention goes to Tollcross Park, which was even quieter (but I should say was busier around lunchtime).

Most folk must have gone home for their tea!

Tollcross Park crowd

Tollcross Park crowd

Being Tollcross Park, I can’t miss a chance to mention the ever decaying winter garden.

Last time I mentioned the remains, I spotted the wooden shuttering had been burst through by the vandals, as well as the glass.

That had already been patched – but they’d just punched another hole in it, this time beside the visitor centre door.

I try to avoid looking – the slow destruction of this place in the shadow of the so-called ‘Lasting Legacy’ of the money squandered on the  Commonwealth Games is just too depressing.

Tollcross Park winter garden crowd

Tollcross Park winter garden crowd

On reflection, it’s a shame that nobody (apart from dog-wakers and the odd football team) uses any of the smaller, local parks.

There used to be the odd gala day or fete, but that’s long gone in the past.

The last gathering I can recall seeing was drunken yoofs in the only one that has seats – the one on my doorstep doesn’t even have seats.

Well, that’s not quite true – it has ONE bench,

Also, a few years ago I found that one park used to have two parts, one on either side of a road.

The smaller part had seats and a few sculptures.

Today, that part is overgrown and inaccessible, the paths are all but lost, and the sculptures were left to rot.

There was one very large piece in the larger part of the park.

It disappeared a few years back, The council even removed the plinth it sat on.

I always mean to enquire about what happened and why, but still haven’t got a Round Tuit.

Some might say Kelvingrove Park isn’t much better.

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Kelvingrove cornice repair – almost done

It looks as if the closed set of stairs in Kelvingrove will be back in service soon.

The appearance of a gloved hand checking the quality of the work, and a paintbrush making it look good suggests the work is almost done.

Kelvingrove Cornice Repair Almost Done

Kelvingrove Cornice Repair Almost Done

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Shocking revvelations about Stan Lee’s last days

As someone who ended being a carer to two generations of their family, I can say that if the case against him is proven, then I hope Kyle Morgan gets everything the courts can throw at him, and that it sticks.

The former manager of comic book co-creator Stan Lee has been charged with elder abuse against the late writer.

Kyle Morgan is facing five counts of abuse against Lee – including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery – all stemming from an incident last summer.

The Marvel superhero visionary died in November last year aged 95.

A spokesperson for Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed an arrest warrant for Mr Morgan – who is yet to comment – had been issued.

Lee, who first helped dream up The Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics in 1961 and went on to co-create titles including Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, endured faltering eyesight and memory loss towards the end of his life.

His final few months were marred by conflicting claims over who was running his affairs.

Stan Lee: Ex-manager of comic book legend charged with elder abuse

This was messy and obfuscated when it first came into view, and it looks as if court will be only place it might finally be properly tested.

Stan Lee Mural

Stan Lee Mural

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T-shirts, shorts, and woolly hats – I’m not going to get that pic

I have to confess that I can’t even wear a nice warm hat in the depths of winter.

Sure, I can throw one on to dull the effect of stepping out into sub-zero temperatures, but after being outside for about ten minutes I find I have to take it off as my head is overheating, and bursting out into a sweat. I have to revert to lifting the hood on my jacket to keep things a bit cooler.

I can’t understand those people who run around in summer, wearing hats as a ‘fashion statement’, or even fingerless gloves. I sometimes need them for work, and unlike ventilated cycling gloves, I have to get them off as soon as possible, or my hands/wrists soon overheat and get soaked in sweat.

I’ve mentioned trying to get a single shot with folk wearing T-shirts and shorts next to others with woolly hats, gloves, scarves, and heavy jackets.

I’ll have to give that up now, as proper warm weather has arrived, and will stay (or at least not revert to ‘chilly’).

By way of example, I was cycling around Glasgow two evenings ago, and had dumped so much clothing I never got warm during three hours of flitting about 20 miles around (including the city centre). In contrast, last night I could barely cover the same course without breaking sweat if I got too enthusiastic and fast.

While this may not be a perfect catch of the desired subject, I did just manage to collect this example of disparate clothing given the weather.

It will have to be ‘close enough’. I doubt there will be anything similar appearing now.

Woolly hats T-shirts Shorts

Woolly hats T-shirts Shorts



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Pity the Forge – created a Waverley display before this year’s bad news arrived

Spare a thought for the creative folk at Parkhead’s Forge Shopping centre.

A few weeks ago I noticed that they’d installed a display featuring the Waverley just inside the Gallowgate entrance, and recalling the custom of going “Doon the Watter”.

That was before we learned that expensive boiler repairs would see the Waverley withdrawn from service for the 2019 season, and wouldn’t sail at all during the year.

Don’t miss the cotton wool smoke added to the funnels, or the way the water was extended by showing it on the floor in front of the display case.

Parkhead Forge Waverley feature

Parkhead Forge Waverley feature

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Poundworld is dead. Long live Poundw… er… One Below

I used to spend a fair amount of time in the Forge shopping centre at Parkhead, but since the interesting ‘names’ left some years ago, I tend to shoot into the centre entrance (for Asda), and the two ends (for Cex and Poundland), and miss out the fairly vacuous fashion/phone/furniture shops in between.

Before it closed amid some questionable media reports, Poundworld was worth a wander, for fun. I’ve mentioned before how I considered their hardware to be something of a joke, made of chewing gum and string, well below even the standard fare at Poundland, whose offerings at least don’t bend and break in your hand.

The old Poundworld unit in the Forge lay empty – until I passed it yesterday.

No longer called Poundworld, it has been reborn as One Below.

Even the corporate colours are very similar, if not quite the same.

But a wander inside showed it contained much the same stuff as Poundworld.

And the interior layout was much the same, even the checkouts, although the software seemed to be glitching as the barcodes took ages to register.

It would be interesting to see who runs this venture, and if it was born of the ashes of Poundworld, and even owned/run by the same people/company/group as before.

Have to love the “everything £1 or LESS” take on Poundland’s multi-buy offerings, avoiding the two, or three, for a £1 phrasing found there.

Forge One Below

Forge One Below


One Below window

One Below window


One Below window

One Below window

Reminder of Poundworld colours, and even the way they were alternated within a line of text.

Maplin and Poundworld side by side

Maplin and Poundworld side by side

Empty Argyle Street.

Poundworld Argyle Street

Poundworld Argyle Street

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